EBV and fibro..Madwolf..anyone?

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    I read so many posts here that they always seem to spur another question from me. :)

    I wish I could find my bloodwork results but I seem to have misplaced them. My blood work shows what my doctor called "off the charts" EBV. He seemed to think that I had a very active mono infection that I had for years, and that was one of the main instigators of my fibro.

    I never had mono as a child or adult. How would I be off the charts? He even consulted an infectious disease physician at Medical College of Virginia to inquire as to why my antibodies would be so high. It seemed to be a huge area of concern for him, but before we ever could pin anything down, I moved out of Virginia.

    The new doctor that I went to totally dismissed my EBV results. She stated it had nothing to do with fibro, and many normally functioning people show a positive result for an active mono infection even though they do not have mono.
    I am not going back to see this woman again because she was extremely rude and dismissive towards me. She did make me wonder though, is a high EBV result indicative of a chronic mono infection?
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    I had high titres for EBV after feeling terrible, exhausted and practically on the floor for 2 weeks. It is a virus that cause mono, even though I tested negative to mono. THe doctor who treated me at that time said there was nothing I could do and just take it easy. At the same time I had terrible muscle pain in the shoulders, legs, etc. I lost a tremendous amount of weight. I have to tell you that I didn't start to feel good until after 6 months. Couldn't any exercise. Basically, I would go to an infectious desease doctor, or an immunlogist. You have to check to see for :herpses HHV6, CMV, mycoplasma, etc. They will put you on multivitamins, perhaps transfer factor (colostrum), probiotics, etc. Your new doctor should retest you for EBV for possible reactivation. It is very important to pick a good doctor. MLW

    Hope it helps.
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    I have high titers to EBV also. One Rheumy doc told me it was the highest he'd ever seen. He told me its common to have the antibodies since most everyone has been exposed to Epstein Barr virus at one time in their lives.It is the virus that causes Mono but I guess it doesnt mean you have had that. My high titers just show that having CFS has allowed the EBV to replicate and cause havoc since my immune system is messed up. My reg. GP doesnt even seem to care about it -said to take b vitamins. Never did quite understand it all but now I dont worry so much about it.