EBV and lymphoma

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nancydr, May 3, 2006.

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    Has anyone recently had full blood work up??? My naturopathic doctor sent me to his lab.. This was done twice. Not only do I have CFS and fibromyalgia, they now discovered that I have lymphoma. They said it is in my blood and after a body scan discovered I have a very enlarged spleen.
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    First, I'm so sorry. What are the docs suggesting in the way of treatments and what is the prognosis? Some with lymphoma live long lives, depending on the type.

    We are more prone to four types of cancer and lymphoma is one of them. Seems recent studies have linked EBV to ensuing cancer.

    I keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie

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    Sorry to hear about he dx. I have had the feeling I have the same thing although blood tests do not warrant it yet. My glands are always swollen, in my neck, sub-clavical, under my arms, neck and at the base of my skull. I was told I have sarcoidosis. I am confused and can't get a true diagnosis. I have been seeing a massage therpist weekly for 4 years now that has helped tremdously with the FMS and CFIDS, and she also does mild lymphatic drainage on me. I feel worse afterwards for a day or so then much better and I can feel the swelling go down. Then back up again. I was also told I had lymphadema(sp) is that not the same as sarcoidosis. I have been to a dozen or so DO's, MD' Internests, Rhemey's and all similiar but different diagnosis. Is lymphoma that hard to diagnosis. Again sorry for your dx but be brave, strong as I know you already are having FMS and CFS. Did they say what form, non-hodgkins etc... Please keep us updated - my heart and soul goes out to you - Bobby
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    i am sorry to hear about your troubles.

    my father had lymphoma and i'm sure it is very scary, but i just want to make sure that you get a very careful second opinion as lymphoma and CFS and many autoimmune and infectious diseases overlap and all can enlarge your spleen.

    certainly lymphoma is the most serious of the group, so i don't know if you can get to a lymphoma specialist at a cancer center like Sloan Kettering in NYC or Dana FArber in Boston.

    if you can get to Boston, i could give you the name of a very kind lymphoma specialist at the Dana Farber.

    let me know.

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