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    I have read alot about the EBV and how some think this is significant. Can anyone tell me what these results mean? Do they fall in place with what is thought about having positive results for EBV blood testing?

    EBV IGM AB - 0.06
    EBV IGG AB - 5.57
    EBV EBNA AB IGG >5.00

    Also, if anyone knows....is there any significance on a spinal tap w/results of

    Sjogrem Antibody SSA - Equivocal
    Beta-Globulin - 1.17
    Gama -Globulin - 1.30

    No doctors seemed concerned over these results and Im just wondering if these results mean anything when it comes to CFS/FM. So many here know so much and have done so much research, just thought I would ask.

    Thanks for any responses
  2. mossrose101

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    there wassnt any reference range on the EBV stuff, just those numbers and the word HIGH after them.

  3. mossrose101

    mossrose101 New Member

    The doc who did the spinal tap was a neurologist who specialized in MS.

    Looking at some blood tests there is something on there that says ANA screen titer. Is that what you are referring to? If so, all it says is negative.

    Also, the IGM of 0.06 was in range according to the lab but they show no values for it.

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