EBV IgG of 3000

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by judithmahw, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. judithmahw

    judithmahw New Member

    Can any one tell me what the significance of this value is? I understand it indicates past exposure to EBV but what is the significance of the 3000 lets say to some one that might have a 500 value? Thanks
  2. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    My last EBV test used the older lab system. The scale max'd out at 170. Mine came up as <170...ie, off the scale. My D.O. says that EBV likes to live on the epithial linings (skin) of the internal organs. So a large number means that a lot of linings are coated with EBV.

    Any treatment for EBV will give you a bigger Herxhiemer reaction than someone who has a value of 500. The "500" person will recover faster with less symptoms than you.
  3. judithmahw

    judithmahw New Member

    It is my understanding that this IgG for EBV is an antibody titer indicating my body's 1)previous exposure to EBV and 2)the response of my immune system to it's prescence (which is very exaggerated. This hyper-immune response is not necessarily caused by an over abundance of infection but rather a defect inherent in the immune system. I am wondering about this covering of epithelial lining with the EBV...are you speaking of an antibody covering or or a viral covering of epithelial tissue? I dont ever recall having mono. Thanks

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  4. z2rus

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    High anti-bodies titers can represent exaggerated immune response so that is not necessary bad thing, actually you can fight infection much faster.
    To determine exact viral load you should obtain direct viral DNA test by PCR method.
  5. judithmahw

    judithmahw New Member

    I know that the IgM was normal. The MD told me that this was an antibody response to past infection and not an acute infection. What I am wondering is, is the higher number (3000) indicative of a more comprimised immune response? Is the higher IgG expected to produce more symptoms illness etc. What is theconnection between the value and related illness? Thank you for your helpful response. Now I'll go to the Lab-corp site you recommended. Happy New Year.
  6. Juloo

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    My last EBV testing showed that my numbers had gone up from the mid-3000's about two months before to the upper 4000's -- perhaps 4750? (My results are somewhere in the mess on my desk, and I'm too lazy to dig them out just now!)

    My husband and I both have been continually tested for this (both coming up w/'chronic actic' in testing results), but this last one went up for both of us. About a week later, both of us came down with a 'cold' that turned to bronchitis in both of us for pretty much the entire month of December. I had my THIRD visit to the doctor just for this 'cold' and its effects just last week, and it wasn't until the doctor gave me an inhalable steroid (not albuterol) that I have started to feel better. (BTW, I'm on an antiviral -- Famvir -- and antibiotics all the time for the EBV and Lyme.)

    I know that I have tested positive for c. pneumoniae as well -- I wonder if all this stuff just sits there, steeping, until our bodies just cannot function anymore.

  7. judithmahw

    judithmahw New Member

    Hmmm...this is interesting about the biofilm. How were the Dr.s able to observe this? Directly as a result of surgery or some sort of scan?
  8. judithmahw

    judithmahw New Member

    It's an interesting idea that an immune system with a heighted response to outside threat may actually be more efficient in fighting the common exposures we all share, but the down side is that this exaggerated response doesn't know when to stop and the impaired immune system is not able to distinguish an out side threat (bacteria,virus etc.) from the body it is designed to protect. Hence the auto-immune disorders where the attack is actually against the body itself and not an invading organsim. I have noticed that its been a couple of years since I have sufferd the "common cold" or if I did it was very mild compared to family members or other close contacts, got over it quick. Happy New Year and Thanks for your response.
  9. judithmahw

    judithmahw New Member

    Do the medications help you to feel better...

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