EBV positive- anyone knows what to do ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deepak, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. deepak

    deepak Member

    My EBV IgG and IgM tests both came back positive.

    Finally I have SOMETHING positive !!

    Does anyone know what this means and how is this cured ?

  2. heaps

    heaps New Member

    I would look into starting an antiviral like famvir. also get tested for other herpes viruses like cmv and hhv6. Famvir also has some activity against these viruses and has a safer profile and low cost then valcyte. famvir is a good first option to try for 6-12 months, if improvement stalls could then possibly add valcyte for 6-12months to lower your viral loads down, but valcyte is very expensive and does need constant regular blood tests for liver and kidney function.

    How long have u had cfs for??

  3. deepak

    deepak Member

    I have muscular and neuro pain mostly since feb 2011.....had high white blood cell count.....

    I dont have as much fatigue as many I see here - more of pain and discomfort

    only test thats come positive so far is this ebv

    can just monoaularin handle this ?

  4. deepak

    deepak Member

    What were your symptoms ?

    Are you better now ?

    have you taken lauricidin ?

  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I had tested positive for it. I believe Mikie said that a huge percentage of people in the world have contracted it at one time or another. I suggest you go natural, like Jam said.
  6. heaps

    heaps New Member

    most people have had ebv but in cfs it seems to reactivate in us if we have it, possibly because many of us have poor natural killer cell function.
    Personally i have never found anything natural that has helped these sort of infections. lysine is a common natural alternative that people try as it also helps herpes type 1so may have some efect against ebv???
  7. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    For HHV6 use Transfer Factor PlasMyc. It's also good for mycoplasma. It's available from Research Nutritionals, but you need a doctor's code.

    For EBV, use lauricidin pellets. Work up slowly using 1 pellet. I take a scoop a day. Lauricidin helps prevent stomach and flu viruses also, but NOT rhinoviruses (colds). It takes a few months to work, but it is effective.
  8. deepak

    deepak Member

    Thanks for the replies everyone :).

    Cherly do you think PLasMyc and Lauricidin are good enough on their own - and work as well as Valtrex ?


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