EBV Positive Please Help With Translation of Labs.

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  1. greatgran

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    I was going over my lab work and noticed my
    EBV AB VCA,IGG was greater than 170 my
    EBV Nuclear Antigen AB, IGG also positive
    The interpretation is: Acute Infection positive VCA-IGM, EA-IGG, VCA-IGG,
    Convalescent Phase: Positive VCA-IGM, EA-IGG, VCA-IGG and NA-ABS. Chronic or Reactivated positive EA-IGG, VCA-IGG,NA-ABS.. Old infection positive VCA-IGG and NA-ABS..

    Can anyone help me with this, my doctor called with the results and said she wasn't surprised and didn't seemed concerned..Then when I got a copy of my labs I wonder if there is anything to be concerned about. Should I go back and have her discuss this with me? Or is this common with cfids? My liver alk.phos was slightly elevated and she suggested a bone scan but hasn't arranged for an appointment and didn't reschedule another appointment with her..

    Any reason for concern? Thanks for your help as these test are greek to me..I have researched google but don't fully understand what I am reading except I have or have had mono...

  2. Juloo

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    I posted this in another thread a couple of weeks ago, so I copied it here:

    Test: EBV Acute Infection Antibodies/EBV Ab VCA, IgM = 6

    Negative <20
    Positive >19
    (So mine is negative.)

    Test: EBV Early Antigen Ab, IgG = Positive Abnormal

    "Positive results suggest recent or chronic-active infection. Anti-EA becomes undetectable weeks to months after onset." In this case, negative = normal.

    Test: EBV Ab VCA, IgG = >170 (High) VERY Positive

    Negative <20
    Positive >19

    Test: EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG = 91 (High) VERY Positive
    Negative <20
    Positive >19


    SUSCEPTIBLE if all 4 tests are negative

    ACUTE INFECTION if VCA IgM+, EA IgG + or -, VCA IgG +, Na-ABS -

    CONVALESCENT PHASE if VCA IgM + or -, EA IgG + or -, VCA IgG +, NA-ABS +


    OLD INFECTION if VCA IgM -, EA IgG -, VCA IgG + or -, NA-ABS +

    NOTE: + means positive or antibody present, - means negative or antibody absent.

    This information is from the test results from LabCorp.

  3. Juloo

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    That you either are recovering from an infection or had an old infection? You did not say what your other tests were -- or were those two the only ones done? If the results came back "chronic active", then yes, I would encourage you to seek further help.

    I don't ever remember having mono, but I guess I did. Sure is bugging me now!

    Liver tests are frequently slightly elevated with a lot of people on the board. Some others have pursued liver cleanse ideas like milk thistle (try searching that term, and you'll probably find the posts).
  4. greatgran

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    Thank you for your reply..Sounds like our
    EBV test had about the same results..
    I do not recall ever having mono but do remember swollen neck glands, flu like symptoms etc. was to sick to go to the doc..Lasted about a week haven't been well since this was about 4 yrs ago..

    My other test were the usual, cbs, thyroid
    and the complete panel..

    I am taking an antibodic now for "I thnk is a sinus infection or allergies" just had the antibodic and thought I would take it..

    Do you think I have anything contagious since the EBV was positive? What did your doc say about your results?

    Thanks for your help,
  5. Juloo

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    Since my pattern came up "chronic active", I am on an antiviral -- Valtrex. The first EBV bloodwork came back w/the above results a little over a year ago in a screening for a FM/CFS study. As I 'passed' the test with those results, I was in a double-blind test. At the end of the trial period, I *knew* I had been given the medicine rather than the placebo because I had a reduction in pain in every trigger point and felt pretty darn good for a change -- and the doctor's office broke the code on my meds and proved me right! (My FM was fairly mild, but definite. CFS is my longer problem.)

    I have remained on Valtrex at a lower dose (1g, twice a day) because that is all the nurse practitioner can get approved through insurance. I have not had a return in any pain and was only 'positive' for FM by trigger point testing last month by 1, so I'm basically not bothered by it. I still test at "chronic active" since then, however, so I'm now on transfer factors as well.

    Don't know what to tell you about being contagious. My husband has "chronic active" results as well, and is on Valtrex also. I sure have wondered if we are somehow passing it back and forth! I'm pretty careful around people, but I don't donate blood anymore.
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  6. greatgran

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    What is transfer factor? Do you think we have mono and how long ago were you tested? Will an antibodic (Ceftin) help?

    Sorry for the questions but I don't want to give anyone a disease, especially this..Yesterday I felt well enough to go out but today I don't feel well at all..

    Thanks so much,
  7. Juloo

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    Epstein Barr is a virus, and antibiotics do not combat viruses.

    Also, I think I've read that 95% of the adult population has been exposed to Epstein Barr and would test positive for having had exposure (but not for chronic active infection).

    Transfer Factors, as I understand them (and that isn't saying much), 'teach' your body to fight specific viruses so that your body can be more effective in keeping the viruses non-active. You can probably do a search on transfer factors and come up with a ton of information here.
  8. greatgran

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    bump please
  9. winsomme

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    most DRs do not treat EBV. they just let it run its course. but in CFS, it seems that the immune system cannot put the virus into remission, and it may need some sort of treatment.

    there are two DRs that i know who treat EBV agressively.

    Dr Dantini in Florida, and Dr Lerner near Detroit, MI.

    here are their websites:



    Dr Dantini consults over the phone if you are not near his practice, but Dr Lerner requires that you travel to see him in person.

    also, i believe the FFC (Fibro and Fatigue Centers) also treat EBV, once they attack nutrional, immune and hormonal problems. they are all over the country, so maybe there is one near you. here is their website:


    many, many people are going to FFCs on this board, so if you find an FFC near you, you might want to post a question for people who have gone there.

    let me know if i can answer any other questions about either of these DRs.

  10. maja_sp

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    Thank you for this information, Bill! I am going to check the doctors out.

    I am from Germany but live in the states for 2 years.
    Have you ever heard of the micro-immunotherapy?
    I wish I would be in Germany. Only a few doctors treat with this thearpy. I am in a German forum. It seems to be helpful. Believe me, I don't believe in wonders anymore so it is no magical healing thing or so!! It is a serious thing. I have been to many many doctors and nearly all of them had NO REAL CLUE about EBV /CFS. It is a disaster!!
    Let me know if you would like to know more.


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