EBV results what do they mean?

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    I had an EBV in March while in the hospital and finally the doctor "found" the test results this week. He just told the nurse to give me a copy because I've been asking and asking about it. He didn't order it--the ER doc did.

    Now I don't know how to read it. He just wrote give pt. a copy on it.

    Can someone tell me what it means? I read some on it but I have no real idea. It is over my head, espeically today as you with FMS know how it is with fibrofog.


    EBV Ab VCA, IgM 19
    <100 negative
    Equivocal 100 - 120
    Positive >120

    EBV Early Antigen, IgG 104
    <100 negative
    Equivocal 100 - 120
    Positive >120

    EBV Ab VCA, IgG 3053
    <100 negative
    Equivocal 100 - 120
    Positive >120

    EBV Nuclear Antigen Ab, IgG 1,001
    <100 negative
    Equivocal 100 - 120
    Positive >120
    Suspeceptible - - - -
    Acute Infection + +or_ + -
    Convalescent PHase + or_ +or_ + +
    Chronic or
    Reactivated Phase - + + +or_
    Old Infection - - +or_ +
    +antibody Present -Antibody Absent

    So what does this mean? Have I had it before and better now or what? ALL I know is I have FMS and arthritis and while in the ER prior to admission in March, the ER doc said perhaps I had EBV and could be helped some with Val something.

    Please help? I am so confused and I can't get through to my doctor so I am changing doctors since I never get through to him, but my appointment with the new doc is in October.


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  2. ladybugmandy

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    you need to test your IgG antibodies...not just IgM. you will have to find a CFS doctor. you also have to test for other pathogens!

    the most important EBV test is the EA (early antigen) IgG.
  3. Mom2Hayley

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    Thanks! I hit send way before I finished typing. SO sorry about that. I added the rest of all I have.

    I appreciate any help understanding this.

  4. ladybugmandy

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    i would guess you have active virus in your body, though antibodies don't always tell much. you really need to see a specialist.

    by the way, this virus can cause arthritis and be involved in FM.

    you can find a specialist here

  5. Timaca

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    that you pursue EBV as a possible cause of your problems. Also get tested for other viruses...like HHV-6. And possible other pathogens like Chlamydia Pneumonia.

    See: www.hhv-6foundation.org

  6. marti_zavala

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    looks like EBV might be a problem for you - still not awake yet but I will pull out my chart and find the scale.

    The Val medication was either Valtrex or Valcyte. I would hold off on Valcyte until you do some research and decide if you are ready to try it - it is experiemental and quite harsh.

    Valtrex is not harsh although some people do experience dieoff which can be uncomfortable.

    Not all docs prescribe these so you may have to search around.

    I am on acyclovir (a form of generic Valtrex), it is generic and it is effective. I am hoping to put the virus into remission but if not at least I have help.

    Good luck,