EBV titers off the charts AGAIN

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bunnyfluff, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. bunnyfluff

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    For all of you reactivators out there, I have managed it for the second time in 9 months. This time my readings are 1:2600+. Anything over 1:40 being positive.

    Funny thing is, my only real symptoms were sort of vague. Sort of mild fatigue- a little more than usual, sore throat, which I had chalked up to high ragweed, but the biggie was a pain in my left side that was present last time!! My spleen swells, but not enough so that the Dr can feel it when they push on it, but it hurts me!

    I went in for blood work, and the Dr was out (he is a GREAT guy- BTW), and the nurse practitioner had to see me. I asked for the EBV test, and she didn't want to run it!! She said that my symptoms were non-consistant with the disease, b/c I didn't have a high fever, etc., and she couldn't feel that my liver or spleen was swollen.

    I told her I didn't care, to run it anyway, so she sighed, gave me some gas pills (!!), and agreed to do it. Which I will be reporting to the DR when I go in to see him today.

    Just FYI- people in the medical field that don't understand this DD/ CFS are not trained to understand that our symptoms/ tests can be different than the norm. Anyway, she is fixin' to get some education in it today when I go back.

    Insist on what you want. I'm glad I did. I have documentation that I am sick (again!!). Very, very sick.

    Yours in Health,
  2. Cromwell

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    I think you may mean that you are showing an ANA of this titer?

    EBV is present in most people in the world and will show varying degrees on titer at various times.

    If they are not concerned about it, don't be either. 1.26, well the way they titer is by taking the blood, then diluting it down and the titer they show is the last titer that they can detect any ANA in. So although it looks high, they double the results each time they dilute, so the normal 80 can soon jump to 160 and the 160 to 320.

    It actually sounds far more alarming than it actually is. I please please remember that we all show some titers if we are alive.

    What they measure for chronic illness is whether it is speckled or not. Often EBV will show higher in those with any inflamation whatsoever, whether FM or a bad bruise.

    Hope this helps and I got this straight from Dr Epstein lecture, the man who discovered this condition, which is related to herpes simplex BTW, so any one who ever had a cold sore will have some titer showing. Also the titers will vary lab to lab.

    I get reemergent mono from time to time and this may be what makes you feel ill too.

    Love Anne
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  3. TerryS

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    Just curious...Which titer was it? Was it the Ab VCA or Nuclear Antigen or Early Antigen?

    I had the whole panel ran in early August. Mine showed a reactivated or chronic infection. I was almost bed bound for 7 weeks. Finally going to start back to work part time later this week.

  4. bunnyfluff

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    I am currently back on anti-virals. And don't think they aren't concerned- they are.

    Yes, EBV is the most common virus on Earth, but most folks don't have "mono" reactivated over and over again. It is a one shot deal, and then you show the antibodies present in your system forever, but as a past virus.

    I had chicken pox as an adult, which has led me on a long road to this place, and I am well educated in EBV, HHV-5, HHV-6, etc. I have spent countless hours in research on these subjects looking for an answer.

    I am not convinced that my blood transfusion in 2001 did not play some part in this, also. There are many things which are not screened for, and some people may not know they have a problem when they go to give blood.

    What I am saying is this: If you think there is a problem, don't take no for an answer. It almost cost me my life in 2001, and you probably know your body better than they do.

    It is also of some concern that some research shows MS has a link to EBV, and I think that in time, we will find that many of the old virus' that have laid "dormant" in our systems are to blame for a lot of this misery.

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