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    I was told i have been exposed to EBV. However, the doc said 95% of people will show positive exposure to this virus if they were tested for it.
    my question is.....since i have been ill with so many symptoms.....is there a way for my doc to tell if this virus is actually in fact currently ACTIVE rather than being dormant like he implies that it is. He wasnt concerned with it at ALL. But i find it odd that this virus is brought up sooo much in conversations regarding CFS/Fibro/Candida
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    HI!! Please also see the current PosT entitled "Mono".
    Think you will find a lot of info. there.

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    I cannot recall if was you I replied to on another thread but last week I actually heard a radio program that fetaured Professor Epstein who discovered the virus.

    It seems we all have it but it is related to many conditions too, in that it is found in high amounts in some things like Burkitts lymphoma(prevelent only in Africa in kids) and it is in fact related strongly to the herpes virus.

    If your ANA was high it could be that you have mono or what I had a year or so ago, re-emergent mono. This means that anything such as stress or illness reactivates the EBV in different forms. Rarely does EBV itself present as an illness (if ever) people used to think that (like Cher) but Epstein himself said that is not really so, they are actually ill with something else that EBV figures in. For all we know, the EBV could be trying to fight the other virus whatever it is and is why the titers go up.

    So we all have the dormant part, low titers, but high titers indicate that soemthing is going with the two best bets being mono or some other sort of glandular virus. There is also a very high incidence of the labs geting the titers wrong too as they are hard to dilute accurately. So I would ask what the titers were, and request another specialized lab to retest.

    Love Anne