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  1. Gracie1976

    Gracie1976 New Member

    I have tryed alot of things to get rid of my ecezma and I want to know if there a natrul way then taking med to get rid of it.
  2. da91

    da91 New Member

    Do you have a water softener and/or purifier? This has brought a lot of relief to many sufferers of this.
  3. Gracie1976

    Gracie1976 New Member

    I have drink alot of water, and It will go away for a while and then come back. I have every thing you ask and I have tryed that also.
  4. faigele

    faigele New Member

    I haven't been able to get rid of mine either but one thing my doctor told me, that helps is to moisturize a lot. I use Eucerin - it's really greasy and thick, but it prevents the rashes from really getting out of control.
  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    As with most of our illnesses, stress really sets eczema off.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Gracie1976

    Gracie1976 New Member

    I don't seem to get stress out, and another thing is there a special shampoo that I can use. cause it is starting to grow in my hair. I have wash it with regular shampoo and I was wondering if Iam doing the right thing by using regular shampoo. and can it be allergy season that has started it. I have another problem and that is I can't seem to eat shrimp when allergy season is around. my gums gets shallown
  7. tigger8359

    tigger8359 New Member

    I have tried all kinds of skin medication, no releif. Now I rely on few showers as it deiws out the skin and use any good skin lotion twice a day. athis seems to help. good luck.
  8. crafty7ky

    crafty7ky New Member

    hi im new to the boards i would like to know if we can post names of products we have tried for eczema?
  9. rosealee

    rosealee New Member

    My Dr. told me to use Eucerin . The cream rather than the lotion. I do use the lotion some as it is more convenient. They both are a little greasy but it really helps. Also I use Cetaphil to take a bath and have for years. Hope this helps.
  10. parrotletzoo

    parrotletzoo New Member

    I have eczema triggered by an allergy to preservatives in shampooo. I've found that Clinique make shampoos that are allergy tested. I use their formula for dry hair and I haven't had a problem with it yet. I've also found that jojoba is a good natural moisturizer. I order it online through a company called Hoba Care, their website is Hope this is helpful!

  11. advancewithcourage

    advancewithcourage New Member

    I had eczema for years - BAD! It is 100% allergy related. I tried everything from herbs, liver cleanses to skin creams. No avail!

    I have been eczema free for 3 years now and I did it by eliminating certain foods from my diet. I cannot eat eggs, unfermented dairy (I eat only goat's milk yogurt), gluten containing grains, citric acid, or sugar.

    If I eat these items, my eczema will return. So PLEASE try an allergy elimination diet and give yourself 3 weeks to heal up before you start adding in foods.
  12. susieh

    susieh New Member

    i used to have it and i would always hafe to go to the doctor nothing else would help i would hafe to wear gloves all time.susieh
  13. 10583Linda

    10583Linda New Member

    I haven't read all the replies, so forgive any repetitions.
    Moisturizing is important. Avoid long baths, showers or whirlpool treatments with hot water. Exposure to hot, dry air or cold can cause flareups. It is important to reapply moisturizers. Some people benefit from using non-soap cleansers, which don't irritate the skin so much, like CVS' Gentle Skin Cleanser, which is a generic product you can purchase on-line. Many pharmacies carry products like it. I found that products with alcohol, fragrances and preservatives tend to make my skin condition worse. Good luck.