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    Thank you so much for bringing my attention to the Echinacea thread!

    Im mostly in a rush so i dont visit the health boards much but im so happy to see that thread since Echinacea is a herb i have almost first hand experience with. You see, even though i dont have to use it, (for some strange reason since i got cfs some years ago now i dont seem to suffer bad colds) my dear deceased father used to swear by it and always used it at the first onset of cold symptoms. He told me it was a wonder herb and had kept many a severe cold away even when the others around him were sneezing and watery eyed. I think i had already posted on this topic once before. Maybe it can be retrieved.

    Im going to go and post this on the relevant thread because people should hear from those who have first hand knowledge and not just reading up some one sided tiresome thesis about this study and that study and it wont work because my experience already tells me differently.

    The study is either incompetent or bogus. Anyone out there who is interested in trying this out, please do so. It gave immense relief to my father.

    God Bless

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    Could you site the sources of your studies.

    You know, I am coming down with a cold and in the name of science, I will try it. I know I will be accused of being biased but I promise I will be honest.

    During the day I have developed a scratchy throat and I was around someone on Saturday who had this and it developed into a full blown cold.

    I will also report my sugar intake which is very low to begin with.

    Where do you get this stuff? Is it a capsule, liquid. is Oscilllo homeopathic. If it's too expensive, I won't be able to do this.

    Maybe we should move this post to the Alternative Health Board?


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    In all fairness, I've put posts about alternative therapies on this board because people might attribute inappropriate motives to posting it on the alternative board even though it would be for informational purposes only. No other ulterior motives. I am not using this as an excuse but to point out why I did this. Maybe I need to think about this. It's kind of a no win situation.

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