Echo virus (aseptic meningitis)

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    I have been doing a little research this morning. For some reason I decided to look into the echo virus. When I was small, probably 11 or 12, I had the echo virus. Not knowing what this was I didn't think anything of it only that it's name was so strange. I just read that the echo virus is aseptic meningitis! I was shocked at what I read. To think I had a viral form of meningitis is really disturbing in the fact that my parents and I did not know this at the time. I'm trying to do some research on this. If you have any information concerning this and fms please let me know. Like many of you I thought that all people had certain pains. Like sitting for awhile and upon getting up your hip hurts or your leg won't move just right. Or your butt bone aches like you fell and chipped a bone. Any way thank you for your time. Soft hugs to all!
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    In some ways, it's worse than the bacterial type because there was no treatment at the time. Antibiotics are ineffective against the viral type and there were not antiviral meds then. It made me very sick.

    Love, Mikie
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    I also had viral meningitis in 1996 at the age of 19.

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    I had a viral meningitis in Sept. of 2002 was fine until then. But after 1 week in hospital. I did not seem alot better even though they can no longer find the virus.

    Now I have pain alot they say it is fms.
    I have been trying to find info on this.
    Some doctors think it may come from a virus. I will share what i get with you do the same with me. I know there is a link but none of my doctors here will admitt that.
    Love andy