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  1. knicm

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    Does anyone have a good remedy for eczema? Maybe something topical or herbal?

  2. Jen F

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    to avoid eating or touching things you are allergic to and try to avoid putting that body part into water on a regular basis. I had it on my hands and so that latter part was difficult.

    Evening primrose oil is supposed to help skin conditions and can also be applied topically. Also, vitamin E.

    I found rescue remedy cream and Thompson's calendula cream soothing and helped with faster healing.

    Prescription-wise I found Lotriderm to be the best, but I had a weird, mild side effect that showed me the corticosteriod part must get absorbed to bloodstream through the skin.

    I think there are many other herbal helpers for excema.
  3. babyblues68

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    Try shea butter cream. This stuf was wonderful for mine.

  4. Anita B.

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    Knicm, does your eczema occur where you use soap? If so, you might want to try changing the soap you use. About four years ago I developed eczema in a few places on my body. The condition which lasted for about a year and a half and was actually getting worse until I discovered what was causing it. I turned out that the cause was the Irish Spring Soap that I was using in the shower. I was only using the Irish Spring on my body, and the eczema developed only in those areas that the soap touched, and where, possibly, it was not getting thoroughly rinsed off. When I stopped the soap, the eczema went away over the period of a month or so, and I have been free of it ever since. I switched, by the way, to an expensive, green Aryuvedic soap from my health food store, but I suppose any other gentle soap would have been a good substitute.