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    So, when you quit the protocol did your state of health return to where it was before beginning the treatment?

    So the other protocol didn't give you any relief either. How sad for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was told yesterday,when having Lyme Disease, herxing is much more intensified. Some of the symptons have let up such as the zappers in my brain, the main things right now are shortness of breath, racing heart and total weakness...

    I didn't learn of having Lyme until yesterday when my results came back. So, I haven't started the abx. for Lyme at this time........still on Famvir and i.v. anitviral and immune supplements.

    Do you think about trying the protocol again with hopes the herxing will not be so bad...........and you at least might have a shot at near recovery............perhaps, this treatments aren't for everyone, huh.

    I'd like to hear how your health is now..........did you get any worse longterm or just return to where you left off?

    Hope to hear from you and thank you for responding to my Post.
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    my belief is that we are all very different, not necessarily physiologically, but more in terms of our energy body. i have been told more than once by practitioners that i trust, that i have a very sensitive constitution and will respond best to subtle therapies. others are different and while they receive no benefit from things like acupuncture and homeopathic medicines, the hardcore stuff works well for them. lynn, for instance, another ffc patient, has experienced great success with the center's anti-viral protocol.

    to answer your question dalphia, my state of health is slooowly returning to where it was before treatment. i don't believe i'm worse off for having suffered through the last two months. i do have one new nagging symptom, occassional chest tightness/shortness of breath, but it's hard to say whether it's related to my treatment or not. i have a little more energy than i did pre-treatment (perhaps due to the cortisol therapy), but the pain and stiffness remain.

    i wish i could speak more to the lyme herxing. i sympathize with you on that one. lyme was fortunately ruled out for me. if i take my bloodwork literally, the super-villian in my life is epstein barr, though i question how much of a factor it is for me. epstein barr isn't known for causing myopathies (muscle pain). i'm starting to believe my pain is more related to a spill i took on my tailbone last year in which case transfer factor and anti-virals aren't going to get me anywhere!

    as for trying the treatment again, i can't imagine ever putting transfer factor in my body again. i believe it was the TF that caused the endless flu-like symptoms and i was only taking one cap a day! don't be afraid to ditch the transfer factor if things get too intense. i think pj's right in her description of it being over-stimulating. it's like poking the immune system with a steaming cattle prod! i took some more of my acyclovir last week to head off a cold sore and didn't experience any side effects. i can't afford famvir otherwise i would consider trying that for a couple months.

    i just realized i'm rambling :) i hope i've answered your questions? bottom line, i would agree with you, these treatments aren't for everybody. i'm very happy to be seeing my acupuncturist again and taking things day by day with a more natural approach.

    wishing you wellness,
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    TF's have caused the biggest immune response I have yet experienced. It was a month before I was able to take one full capsule. I had to sprinkle a bit of the contents under my tongue and slowly increase until I could tolerate one capsule.

    TF's use the "transfer info" in pure concentrated form from live pathogens to train the immune system to recognize and kill the targeted pathogens. I believe it's because they immune system is being exposed to this concentrated transfer info that it reacts so strongly.

    Things which just kill pathogens or cause them to die off can produce immune reactions and Herxing, but it usually doesn't come close to what is producted by taking the TF's. That is why one may have to very gradually increase the TF's after starting off at a very low dose.

    No one enjoys the fluish feeling with an immune response and certainly, no one enjoys Herxing; however, the advantage of taking the TF's is that they improve the body's immune system. After the initial three months, one can usually only pulse them for a couple of days every four to six weeks to keep the immunity. I do believe it helps to take ABX and/or AV's for six months or so before going on the TF's. It gives the immune system a rest and gets the pathogen load down which decreases the effects of Herxing.

    Anyone who has a chronic infection will likely not be able to heal until the infection is addressed. There is no easy way to do this. It has to get worse before it gets better. The alternative is to let the pathogens have free rein to keep us sick, using us as their life support systems. Once we have one chronic infection, we are vulnerable to other infections of opportunity.

    My prayers go out to anyone who is having such a hard time from the immune response and Herxing. I know from experience how hard it is.

    Love, Mikie
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