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    Do any of you have edema? My feet anles and legs are swollen , I do not have diabetes, my heart liver and kindeys have been checked . Cannot sit at my computer for more than 15 min start to swell , they are swollen now. I have water pills but then I spend most of the day in the restroom.

  2. I also have trouble with edema in my ankles and lower legs. I have been to the dr. but she doesn't say anything about it. My feet especially are the worst.
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    Swelling is one of my biggest problems with fibro. I always feel puffy and bloated and can rarely wear my wedding ring. It affects mainly my face and hands. I have read in Dr. St Amand's book that the pressure of fluid buildup on our nerves causes pain. And something about eating carbs making the pressure worse. But cutting out carbs makes me really irritable!!

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    Yes...I also have edema! I swell as much as 10 to 15 pounds a day mostly to my legs and ankles. The longer I sit or stand the more I swell.

    I also take a fluid pill which gives little relief and keeps me in the bathroom. The thing that helps the most in when I lay down. I have also had my heart checked and Kidneys. I had a EKG, Ehcocargram(ultrasound) done on my heart, 24 hour urine test, and tons of blood work....

    No one has really given me any answers yet as to why im swelling. The only thing I havent had done and Im going to request is a ultrasound and x-rays done on my legs..I do worry about Blood-clots.

    I am so sorry you have this too...its very frustrating, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. I never had a problem with swelling before FMS/CFS...I dont know if its realated are not, I just know it didnt start until FMS.

    Hope you will find some relief as well...