Edgar Cayce Update-Therapies tried & results-1 mo.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by skychomper, May 9, 2003.

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    In April I made a post that I was going to try the edgar cayce suggestions to help me get well. I haven't been doing all the therapis yet, but I plan to.

    so far, I have been doing:

    **castor oil pack
    Most noticably- I am not constipated anymore. the wastes are being eliminated in a timely fashion! Feel a little better overall

    this is supposed to stimulate and purify the glands. can't point out anything specific that I noticed with this, but it could be helping me behind the scenes so to speak.

    **chiroprachtic adjustments
    this isn't new for me- the chiro always makes me feel a little more energized and alert. and my posture is better.
    I spoke to him about osteopathic adjustments and he is going to spend some time on those certain areas.

    I've also been taking Olive leaf extract which has done alot for me in terms of mood, sinus issues, acne and energy. cayce also recommended olive oil in some of his therapies. He said it was "food for the intestine" but also topically in massage oils etc.

    Still having sleep issues (asleep too long, can't get to sleep, messed up cycle. The Radial appliance is supposed to help with this- Im ordering soon....

    just wanted to let everyone know about my experience with the "alternative therapies" thus far...

    peace * love * faith,

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    bumping for those interested
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    Thanks for posting and I would be interest in hearing your future results. Its funny cuz there was an article in this mornings newspaper that piqued my interest. A group meets once a week at the local library. Now if I could just get myself together to get there. Of course then there is the reading problem. I could listen.
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    you are downright amazing! I've started a binder on all the research I do and on all the research that gets posted on this board. lately the stuff on the board beats my efforts!
    Interesting about the bromelain. I heard about it in the context of an anti-histamine- but not as something that could prevent hypercoagulation and eat up the undigested stuff. wow, that is good news. I don't know if I've got the hypercoagulation problem- its a struggle just to get my docter to test for stuff that should have been ruled out a long time ago- like mycoplasma,HHV6 and after reading that article about hypercoagulation, seeing whats up with my blood- it makes sense-we've got problems everywhere! and blood goes everywhere! woof- one day we will all figure this mystery out...till then,

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    It's kind of off the subject, but kind of on the "small world" area. My sister's ex-boyfriend's (who is the father of her baby) granfather is Esgar Cayce. Pretty neat, huh? He's has come up with alot of interesting theories, I'm glad to hear that it's working for you!

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    that is so cool! thanks for sharing with me. I am such a cayce fan. indeed a very small world!