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    Hi all,

    I went to see my doctor this morning to tell her I no longer want to take the HRT (only went on it for the rotton fatigue).

    I took with me a load of literature printed from posts by bubblegum and Jellybelly on Mycoplasma and all about CFS/ME/FM and how it works.
    My daughter was diagnosed with Mycoplasma Pneumoniae a year ago, so I had the Doctors full attention, the Doc also had someone training in with her so I got two hits in one go...

    The Doctor said she will read it all later and will also contact a microbiologist for their opinion.
    It helped she has an open mind, and I see a lot of you are having problems finding one who believes you. Our Doctor hadn`t a clue these last three & half years, so hopefully she may do now.

    Is it worth all of you having trouble in doing the same, if nothing else take Jellys post on how this crud gets a hold of you...... Blow it, - take the lot, can`t do any harm...
    They`re bound to be curious if remotely interested.