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    I wanted to update everyone on my EEG Neurofeedback experience. I am in the D.C. area and found a great place in Bethesda. They care about people and are not just "business" medical office. I have had about 6 EEG neurofeedback sessions and so far so good. The effects usually lasts a few days, but a theory is that the neurofeedback can "train" the brain to behave as it should. Especially mental clarity/multitasking ability after most of the sessions are amazing. It is still not clear how many sessions I will need, I don't ask at this point, as we have to see whether the intervals of positive effect are extending. And, the insurance is paying, so financial side is not an issue.

    At the same office I also have another session for EMG Biofeedback - they measure tension of the muscles and teach me relaxation techniques. In my case, a tension in my upper back muscles/neck can trigger headaches and the results are amazing.

    I also wanted to share what that my doctor told me that for mental clarity and for fibromyalgia, PROTEIN is very important. She said that I should have 30 mg of protein for breakfast. I am working on including protein into my diet, as 1 egg has only about 5-6 mg. But it seems to be making a difference for feeling strong and having a clearer mind.

    I hope my update will help someone trying to find some new options. Oh, and St. John Worth tea by Yogi Tea (you can find it in Wholefood store) is doing wonders too. Drink 1-2 every day and you will see a difference in your mood. Especially, if I drink it before going to bed, I think I have a deeper (and restorative) sleep. Lastly, for anyone who suffers from constipation, Trader Joes' Black Mission Figs eliminate this problem.

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    Bumping in case some people missed it.
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    Is anyone reading this? I try to share a few suggestions/my experience, but nobody responds to my posts....

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