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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ABLUV, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. ABLUV

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    Went to doc last week. Had a shaking spell in front of him. He said he would count to ten and then I would stop shaking but I didn't stop. He said, "uh, oh. she didn't stop." I shook for 10 or 15 minutes, eyes rolling up, the whole nine; he filmed me and read the EEG. The EEG showed normal brain waves though I displayed classic seizure behavior. So he concludes the spells are coming from stress and instructed me to see a shrink. He raised my Toppamax to get me thru til I can see the shrink.

    I'm not sure what to think about his conclusion because the spells come when there is no crisis in my life. They show up at random. Sometimes there's stress and no seizure, spell WHATEVER you call it. Then when things are just peaceful and peachy I'll have an attack in my sleep.
    I don't get it...

  2. acer2000

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    Maybe you should see a neurologist. I think they have specific meds for seizures... I'm not sure just any shrink wold be able to help you with that. Or if they could, I'm not sure they'd do it right.
  3. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    thats messed up
  4. ABLUV

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    He was very nice, even concerned. He showed the video and the test results to my husband and stated that my brain waves were normal during the "attack". In his experiece, if a patient is still conscious during seizure, then it is not epilepsy and in his opinion non-epileptic spells are caused by stress.

    I just think he has little knowlege of other types of seizures becuz when I asked for topamax he said he didn't know what dosage to prescribe for someone who didn't have epilepsy so he told me to pick a dose and he would write the script.

    It just seems to me that if all other diseases can mutate and develop new strains of an old disease why can't there also be new types of seizures out there that cause a person to be conscious?

    I'm going to check into that metal toxicity. Thanks for the tip...abluv
  5. simonedb

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    thats cool the guy was nice.
    my reaction to yr post was just born out of frustration, I feel like i have hit a new tipping point with being condescended too, if i had a seizure and someone suggested a shrink....well, at this point I would get an attorney I would be so insulted.
    But thats not always the best way to go and we don't want to waste our energy on anger too much. I am holistic, i.e. am checking out Gupta's amygdala retraining now so i don't mind dealing with that level of stuff too but I also want help for the physical aspect.
    physicians need to admit their limitiations and instead of being too quick to suggest a shrink might want to just say they don't know and maybe suggest another specialist or just leave it at that and say good luck.
  6. ABLUV

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    if they would do what all of us have to do - research. There's tons of new info out there. Why won't they read it, look at DVD's, go to workshops, etc? I had a doctor once that read magazines and books, I found that so impressive. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to continue seeing him so I had to settle for the docs at the VA hosp who don't seem too interested in reading up on things they don't know about and they are not interested in hearing about it from me after I read it for them. Why can't it be a team effort? Why can't a patient tell the doctor about an article or documentary they've come across and discuss possibilities and discover treatment options together? What would be so bad about that?
  7. oddparts

    oddparts New Member

    sometomse the thought of just having a test is strong wenough to cause ebiugh stress to induce a seizure although I am no doctor it si possible another question you should ask the doc si one regarding hypoglycemia, that is an abnormal drop of sugar in the blood, before I was diagnosed with epilepsy they told me I had hypoglycemia so check it out with him.

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