EEG -- who has had one done? and what results?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Maxine_CR, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. Maxine_CR

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    I had an EEG done and was told the the constant state of mild seizure it indicated I was in (!!) was a result of the Wellbutrin I take.

    When I informed the neurologist that I had been off the WB for 10 days because of the nausea I had been experiencing from migraines, he blew me off by saying that it couldn't possibly be out of my system -- which I know is BS.

    Have any of you had EEGs? What have been the results?

    This interests me greatly since it could be a more definitive test for what ails us.... The only reason I was "granted" one was because I presented neurological symptoms and severe headaches.

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  2. gcalex

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    Mine was normal, but I really question the notion that Wellbutrin causes siezures. That just doesn't sound right to me, regardless of whether you were on it or had come off it. I would perhaps seek another opinion.
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    I have never read anywhere that a plain old EEG is particularly diagnostic for CFS/FM. I have heard of a much more sophisticated scan called a QEEG (also known as a BEAM) and read that CFS supposedly presents in a distinctive way on such a scan.