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    Hey Linda, how are you doing? I was denied social security. I'll have to copy from another post to tell you what they said. I am really torn about this whole thing- whether to pursue it or not or how I will feel if I am denied, etc..

    Hope to hear from you soon! I'm wondering if you have filed yet.
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    I didn't realize how long I have been gone from the board until just now! I did not mean to pull such a disappearing act!

    I am so sorry to hear that you were denied SS. Of course, it's not surprising as we all know their goal is for us to give up.

    I have not filed again. I was turned down in 2004 and just continued with my disability from OPM and the money I am able to earn from home.

    I have been quite sick lately. My pain meds were causing me such a severe dry mouth I oouldn't take it any more so I stopped all of them. My doctor finally convinced me to try Cymbalta a second time (I gave up on it the first time) and it has really helped with the pain.

    I am scheduled for bladder surgery June 10. I'm also having severe stomach problems and so far no one knows exactly what is wrong. They did a CAT scan because at first it was thought to be pancreatitis. I am thankful that it was NOT pancreatitis, but now I am facing more tests to see if I can find out what the problem is. I am supposed to schedule a colonoscopy, but the medical bills are piling up on me, so I'm hesitant to add that to the list. I don't know how much I will have to pay toward the surgery.

    The lady in the apartment next door smokes like a haystack and she turns her bathroom vents on and all of the smoke comes directly into my apartment. I have begged and pleaded with the manager to have maintenance come and direct the vents OUTSIDE where they belong. Instead, she keeps saying she will ask the tenant to stop smoking. Well, I don't think they can legally do that, and I am getting sicker from the smoke. My migraines are back up to several a week and it is really affecting my son's health too. He has an increase in his migraines and we both are having difficulty sleeping due to the fact that she tends to light up about 2:00 a.m. every morning and the smoke chokes us til we wake up.

    I do not know what my legal rights are as far as breaking my lease, but I cannot afford to move somewhere else and pay rent here also. I may go ahead and move and take the consequences. At least my health will be better. I can't take much more of this.

    I'll keep you in my prayers. I know that winning the SS would be a huge burden off your shoulders. I will again apply if I reach the point where I cannot perform my work from home. So far, I'm hanging in there, but it does get hard sometimes. I have a fear that my brain fog will cause me to make mistakes and I'll lose a client. So far that has not happened. I just keep praying about it each and every day.

    I'll check the board again to see how you're doing! I have a history of being sporadic, but I stayed gone way too long this time!

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    I am so sorry to hear about your neighbor from hell! How terrible that she continues to smoke. I say move on if you can because you and your son's health is more important. Maybe your ex will help with the financial burden.

    I think of you often and hope that you are well. I pray for you as well. I'm sorry that you are having to go in for surgery but will be thinking of you.

    June 10th- I will put this date on my calendar so that I can pray for you.

    Stay in touch. You are such a wonderful person!!!
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    I spoke with the manager AGAIN this weekend. She told me that if I would be willing to wait til tomorrow (Tuesday) that she is going to get some type of machine that sucks all the impurities out of my apartment. I told her I am willing to let her try that, but she needs to understand this is not residual smoke from a previous tenant, this is an ongoing process, so the machine will have to remain in my apartment as long as I am here. I don't know how large this thing is, so I'm wondering if it is going to be a big ugly eyesore in my apartment.

    Hope you're having a great Memorial Day. I am working. Not all day, but at least part of the day. My son had a friend spend the night last night and they have gone over to what we call The Mansion. It is actually out apartment complex's front office, but it is a real mansion from the 1800s. It is a truly beautiful house with lots of intricate wood details. There is a room upstairs with a pool table in it and that's where they went. I'm sure they'll do some swimming today also.

    I wish we lived closer together. I'd love to meet you some day. We have a lot in common, even if a large portion of it is not good stuff!

    Oh, my son is going back into the public school system next year. I don't remember if I told you that before or not. He'll be in eighth grade and we are going to continue homeschooling in math and reading all summer long. I am going to make sure he never falls behind again. It's upsetting that he managed to do that before and the school never even mentioned anything to me. I see now that I have to be much more active in supervising the school.

    He also made a lot of friends through our homeschool group (the young man who is here now is from that group) and he is hoping to continue a relationship with several of those kids, so I have to say that our overall homeschool experience was great for both of us. I would recommend it to anyone who feels capable of handling it. I would have been much better at it if I had someone else to help with the housework or I didn't have to work a full-time job.

    I'm going to get back to work. It's great to hear from you. I appreciate your prayers. I will continue to pray for you and your situation as well.

    Talk later!

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    How did the surgery go on the 10th? I thought of you often and hoped that you are doing well.

    I love your new pic! Your hair looks so nice pulled back and I like your glasses. I have been wearing my hair back almost every day since it is much easier.

    I have been taking all of my meds and have been very 'loopy' but I actually like the 'I don't give a damn feeling' (lol). Although, my husband insists that something has to change since I am having a hard time driving. He said that my son was scared driving with me. :( We just can't win. I've been taking tylenol #3 with codeine and that is the only thing that helps the pain and klonopin for anxiety. It is the only thing that I feel normal with. We'll see. I may have to just keep taking it and fake it with them.

    Let me know how the surgery went.
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    The surgery went well. I have been a bad girl and have not gone for my follow-up appointment.

    Seven days after the surgery I had to have a stomach biopsy, panendoscopy and colonoscopy. I have not gone back for that follow up either. I have simply got to take care of these things.

    I have spent most of my energy trying to cope with life. When I don't work, I don't get paid. I am now falling behind in all my regular bills, plus accumulating tons of medical bills.

    As soon as my lease is up I am moving into a house that belongs to my sister. My son is currently living with her so he can attend the local middle school. It's about 50 miles from my apartment. I miss him! I'm going to see him today. I also saw him this past weekend.

    My ex-husband is teaching our son how to drive! He's only 13, but his dad says he is doing great and has learned how to parallel park and some of the tougher things. They grow up way too fast!

    Thanks for the compliments on my pic. Pony tails are just too convenient, aren't they? I just got the glasses and I like them. I get a lot of comments about those.

    I had sent you a separate post about your sleep apnea surgery. Was it laser? How are you doing with it? I have been diagnosed as borderline sleep apnea, but I know I snore incredibly loud sometimes. I even wake myself up. Recently I stayed with my parents and they have a huge house. I was on one end of the house downstairs, they were on the opposite end upstairs and they heard me snoring. I wonder if surgery would cure that? I also have horrible sinus issues. Think our insurance would pay for a nose job? Ha ha.

    How are you? How is your son doing with school? I actually miss homeschooling, but it's less stressful this way.

    Hope to hear from you soon and I hope you are doing very good these days.

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    Hi, I am so sorry that I haven't seen this post!!! Boy, you have had a lot going on!

    Did you get any word about your stomach biopsy, panendoscopy, and colonoscopy yet? Wow, that must have been tough to go through only a week after surgery! I hope you are ok, I think about you often.

    I'm sorry that you are temporarily separated from your son, but he's probably having a great time- you know how those darn kids are! Love to be out of reach of their parents once in a while (hee, hee).

    Wow, learning to drive!!! We could never do that here.. the police would be on our tails immediately. My son isn't tall enough to see over the dashboard yet either. I think that your son will do much better driving since he is learning so young. I don't think that the kids have enough time from age 15-16 to learn how to properly drive- they should have more training!

    My son had a good first week of school, which was only a 4 day week since they have off on Friday and Monday for the holiday. His birthday is on the 9/3. He's having some of his friends over on Saturday to have an airsoft gun party and they will sleep overnight. He's so excited. They'll probably end up playing some sort of xbox games and stay up all night. My husband's birthday is on 9/2- he always seems to get left out so we plan to take him out to dinner on Sunday night. I don't really want to go over to my mother's house for labor day because the extended family is there all that we do is just sit around and eat! Sometimes I would just rather stay home with my own family on holidays- you know.

    I am very sorry about your bills! How terrible it is to be sick and then worried about that! It just doesn't seem fair!

    Let me know how you are doing, ok and I'll query on your username so that I can keep better track of you. :) Take care.