Effective Treatment of CFIDS and FM with DRibose (CORvalen)

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    Effective Treatment of CFIDS and FM with D-Ribose (CORvalen)

    By Jacob E. Teitelbaum, MD

    Many of the problems seen in CFIDS and FM can relate to a decrease in tissue energy levels and altered energy metabolism. The consequences of dysfunctional energy metabolism frequently include pain from chronic muscle shortening, post-exertional fatigue, and low exercise tolerance associated with decreased cardiac output (heart function). In addition, it has been suggested that decreased energy production also results in hypothalamic dysfunction (kind of like the fuse box in your brain), which can result in the disordered sleep, hormonal imbalances, and autonomic dysfunction seen in these syndromes.

    What is D-Ribose?

    D-Ribose, a special naturally-occurring sugar made by your body, is a key structural component in DNA and RNA, as well as the critical energy molecules ATP and NADH needed by the mitochondria (your body’s “energy furnaces”) to maintain energy production. In fact, when a national news service recently reported on our study, the headline was “Curing Fatigue with Sugar!”

    Studies of D-Ribose in patients with congestive heart failure and angina have shown a significant improvement in heart and physical function, exercise tolerance, and quality of life. D-Ribose has also been reported to be effective in restoring tissue energy levels following exercise. Because of these known benefits, and the benefits seen by our patients, we hypothesized that D-Ribose (CORvalen) would increase energy production and therefore decrease symptoms in patients suffering from FM and CFIDS, and are happy to report on the findings of our recently completed study.

    What the Study Showed

    We gave Ribose to 41 patients with CFIDS and/ or FM. Two-thirds of these desperately ill patients improved (after an average of only 12 days), with an average increase in quality of life of 30 percent—outstanding for a single nutrient’s addition.

    Sleep quality improved by 25 percent. Mental clarity improved by 16 percent. Pain decreased by 14 percent and was eliminated in several patients. And most importantly, the average CFIDS/ FM patient in the study had more than a 42 percent improvement in energy.

    How Can I Start to Feel Better Now?

    Start with a 5000 mg. scoop of CORvalen or CORvalenM three times a day for two weeks, then decrease to a scoop twice a day, but lower the dose or take it with food if you get hyper from being too energized. The use of Ribose (CORvalen and CORvalenM) is a major step forward in treating fatigue and pain. For more information, go to www.corvalen.com.

    Would You Like To Be in Our Next Study?

    We will soon be beginning a “gold-standard” placebo-controlled study on Ribose/ Corvalen in FM, to follow up our initial pilot study. If you’ve been diagnosed with FM by a physician, email claims@endfatigue.com if you would like to be part of our study. You do not have to change your current treatments (in fact, we ask that you stay on them, without any change, for the month you participate in the study). The entire study will be done by mail, and last one month.

    Source: NFA newsletter
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    Jlh thank you for this post, I have tried D-Ribose and it did help initially but I decided that I had other issues to deal with first so I stopped taking it. I am shortly going to resume taking it again.

    I am going to try and get on the trial so thank you for posting the e-mail address.

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    I tried to get in, but am now on a waiting list. Corvalen is expensive, and I dropped to 1 scoop a day to make it last.

    Maybe, it helps a little. I've been on it for a few weeks during this relapse, but haven't been able to come out of the relapse yet.

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    I took a jar of it and found it didnt' help me..hope it helps some.
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    Maybe I needed to take more but I took one large scoop everyday in water for 2 months and I could not tell any difference. I did what Dr. Teitlebaum said and also took it with co-q-10, L-carnitine, magnesium, and of course the D-ribose. He calls them the "awesome foursome".....
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    Thank you for the post. I had read about this months ago and am happy to see some feedback from people who have tried it.

    To those of you that have purchased Corvalen, can you take a look at the bottle and see if it is 100% D-Ribose? I would like to give this product a try, but had second thoughts when I saw the price ($49.99). Does anyone know if Corvalen is better then any D-Ribose product which you can get at a fraction of the Corvalen price?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    and found absolutely no difference. Mine is made by Valen Lab and called CORvalen. I just stopped a week or so ago and am waiting to see if I feel any different. It is super expensive.

  8. JLH

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    Thank you all for taking the time to read this post.

    I try to post subjects that are somewhat educational, informative, and/or thought-provoking!

    Thanks for your replies!


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