Effects of antibotic on FM

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    I finished a ten day supply of Cipro last week. As I took the antibotics my FM symptons became worse. I thought that when I finished taking the antibotics that I would get better. I have gotten worse. I can barely walk because the pain in my lower legs and ankles are horrible. I can not get up from a seated position without help. The pain seems to be worse in my joints. My ankles, fingers and shoulder are the worst. I do not have any medical insurance so going back to the doctor right now is out of the question. Has anyone else experienced this after taking antibotics. If so is there any thing I can do to help? I have tried hot baths.
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    Docs seldome tell their patients about this. The Herxheimer Effect happens when the antibiotics kill off too many pathogens for the body to handle at once. They turn toxic in the body before the system can excrete them. It's like being poisoned. What this tells one is that there is most likely a large number of bacteria in the body.

    Many of us (60-70 percent) suffer from chronic mycoplasma infections. You may be one of them. We have posted about this problem her a lot and you can bring up our old posts by using the search feature and searching on mycoplasmas. You can learn much more by reading articles in our library. Dr. Nicolson has an article on our Home Page right now on mycoplasmas.

    My illnesses were triggered in 1990 by a mycoplasma infection. I have been on Doxycycline for about a year. It has caused Herxheimer Effects from time to time as it kills off the bacteria.

    This is something you might want to discuss with your doc. If so, print out the material for him or her and highlight the important parts to save your doc time. If you have any questions, ask away here. Jellybelly has become an expert in this area.

    Love, Mikie
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    You might want to look into:
    1. a product called Gastromycin or product with similar ingredients.
    (it has Bismuth, Licorice Root, Citrus seed, Goldenseed Root, Aloe Vera, and Activated Charcoal.)
    It will help during kill off to carry those toxins out of your system lessening the herxheimer effect.

    2. Be sure to take probiotics
    Acidophilus or Other Milk Bacteria. 3 to 6 billion units a day (refrigerated is preferable). Do not take within 6 hours of taking an antibiotic. (e.g., Cipro or Doxycycline).

    Here is something I just learned about taking Cipro, it may help if you have to take it again:

    Cipro -(ciprofloxacin) Do NOT take MAGNESIUM products (e.g., Fibrocare, some antacids, Pro Energy, From Fatigued To Fantastic @ Formula) WITHIN 6 HOURS of Cipro or you won't absorb the Cipro).

    I hope you feel better soon! LL
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