~ Effects of Low Body Temp on us - Besides the Discomfort ~

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  1. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member

    High End of Normal Range
    Activity, Involvement, Community, Buoyant Optimism and Energy!
    Activity for the sake of enjoyment. Optimism. Probable 98.6 (varies with subject.)
    Activity for the sake of activity.
    Minor allergies may begin to show themselves
    Thought wins over emotion and activity. Diplomacy.
    Depth of thought, Lucidity, Eloquence!
    Willingness to think deeply, at length. Insight, a growing trace of genius.

    Low End of Normal Range, approx 98.2 F (36.77 C)
    Some enzymes become "too tight" for efficient reaction kinetics; mild allergies and chemical sensitivities begin to be noticed on occasion.
    Probable 98.0, (36.66 C,) varies considerably with subject.
    Allergies, especially chemical allergies, slowly grow more pronounced.
    Feeling that "engaging" in thought or activity changes/lifts the body
    Eloquence in expression begins to decline, mental horizons favor depth, not breadth.
    Vulcan logic begins a slow walk to center stage. Subhedonia.
    Initiation of new activities begins to drop sharply.
    Slightly glazed to the outside world.
    Things begin to accumulate in corners and small piles.
    Immune system slows and falters. Allergies and colds more common.
    Persistence, dogged tenaciousness in pursuit of a purpose, a train of thought. (Oft mistaken for Genius.)
    Vulcan logic begins a slow, and increasingly faltering meander away from center stage.
    The sink sporadically fills, clean utensils become scarce despite the dishwasher.
    Mental horizons begin to shrink. (Oft mistaken for Expert.)
    Anhedonia, the interest in pleasure begins to evaporate.
    Chemical Sensitivities become increasingly serious problems as enzymatic pathways slow and clog.
    Procrastination of deeper thought for better times of day.
    Cycles reveal themselves. Several naps, the daily norm.
    Mental agility soon reveals it's slow and gradual decline to others.
    The desk, the workbench, the coffee table all begin to congeal as piles grow.
    Tenaciousness of opinion begins to win out over thought or logic.
    Anti-hedonia, avoidance of pleasure, and sometimes excitement.
    Stepping over things. The mess becomes "Convenience at hand".
    Change becomes the mind's enemy; yet past genius oft remains potent ammunition in argument.
    Drifting quietly, irrationally clinging to old ways, old memories, old angers.
    Argument and anger for the sake of adrenaline. Bindging on sweets for energy.
    Grasping for control of life.
    "The Engine Sputters".
    Temperature spikes and falls with excitement, anger.
    On/Off behavior patterns, black and white views of the world.

    Possible 96.0 - 95.0 (35.5 - 35.0 C) temperature range; varies with time, nutrition, sleep.
    Urgent Medical Condition: HYPOTHERMIA
    Erratic behaviors come to the fore. Collisions with walls. Defensive postures, stark views of the world.
    Depression and foreboding set in. Hopelessness. Adrift.
    Passive acceptance, stark apathy.
    Medical Emergency 92 F, 33.3 C
    Possible risk of death during further nocturnal temperature drops.
    Heart problems, Severe confusion, Amnesia, Stupor
    Death: "heart failure", "natural causes", "unknown causes".

    --------SOURCE: (search engine dogpile, searching for water and body temperature, page 2 of results: "The Cold Body Page")

    p.s. can you see yourself in there? I definitely was walking into walls all the time when I was 96.0-96.5. I can also relate to the piles of things growing in corners even though I would like to be a neat freak again. What can you relate to?
  2. Jilliana

    Jilliana New Member

    Thank you so much for posting this!

    My temp is usually always above normal, but then I have lapses when it drops extremely below normal and I have been trying to explain to my doc the effects that my fluctuating body temp has on me and my ability to function....

    Printing this out to take to my next visit!

    Thanks so much!


    PS - Visited that Web Site - it is quite helpful![This Message was Edited on 04/27/2004]
  3. mommysisland

    mommysisland New Member

    It certainly seems accurate!

    I'm being eaten alive by my "piles in corners", which have so accumulated that I only walkways through the piles in our rooms.

    My temp is usually mid 96's.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. caj

    caj New Member

    does anyone's body temperature go below 96? For 50 years my body temp. was 98.6 right on. Never ever did it go below that. Last 2 years it fluctuates between 96 to 97.8. When it gets down around 96.4, I get very sick. Chills, nausea and headache. I hate it!!! Doctors are so wrong to try and convince me and other people that 97 is normal. NOT TRUE!!!!!!!! caj
  5. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member

    So glad it was a help.
    Regular docs don't get it about low body temp.
    I've come in at 96.0 and 96.5 and they are like, that's fine.
    I'm like............"No, it's not fine. I have hypothyroidism and so I'm cold a lot."

    (Why do they bother taking the temperature anyway? A fever is not the only indication of disease!!! And while we are talking about that, why take blood pressure if you are going to tell a patient, low blood pressure is fine, too. Actually, thyroid/adrenal problems can CAUSE low blood pressure.)

    They're like........"Um, let's see.......your tests were normal."
    I'm like......."So???? The ranges on thyroid testing are off. I had to go to a naturopath to get diagnosed. In fact, if I had a fever, I might *actually* reach 98.6!"

    Yes, I got up to 98.6 and maintained it for long enough I know it is possible to do, but I relapsed, and I am trying to get the 98.6 back again now that I know how it is to be comfortable again.

    However, my blood sugar problems are getting in the way and making this difficult. Today I put a teaspoon of cayenne in my daily dose of aloe. I hope I wake up warmer in the morning.

    Cayenne is something that is said to stimulate thermogenesis (creating heat). Hot and cold showers generally help, as do supplements with chlorophyll, and kelp, and drinking lots of water. Except when blood sugar is going crazy. Then I don't know!

    Today I reached 97.7 at 9:30 PM. Hope tomorrow is higher. I am getting so tired of the cold hands and feet and of putting hands under hot water and depending on a heating pad, and taking frequent hot baths or showers, and sitting on my hands between trying to work.

    I just learned from a book that zinc is needed by the thyroid, in ADDITION to iodine.

    There are two atomic elements which are essential in the effective functioning of the thyroid, namely: iodine and zinc. If these elements, or either one, is deficient or lacking in the diet, the thyroid cannot obtain them from the blood as the blood flows through it. This results in a train of disturbances which interfere seriously with the individual's well-being and with his aim and desire to attain VIBRANT HEALTH.

    -- The Natural Way to Vibrant Health, by Dr. N.W. Walker

    Sorry I forgot to grab the page # but would if someone asked. The book is mom's and I can go take another look at it if needed.



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    [This Message was Edited on 04/27/2004]
  6. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    Thanks for a good post. My temp runs low alot too and I feel sick and week when it does. I never realized the connection before. My throid is enlarged and I think I have subclinical thyroid problems.

  7. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member


    If what I currently doing to raise body temperature works, I will definitely let you know! :) Am waiting to make sure this was not an accident and that being warmer is real. Wanna get it up to 98.6 before I start yacking about what I am doing.

    97.5 is not as bad as 95.9 but it's not normal either!


  8. MsE

    MsE New Member

    You've been reading my diary, haven't you? Admit it. I'm such a 96.5 to 97.7 person!
  9. irishchic

    irishchic New Member

    Mine is usually around 97. However, I had hernia repair surgery last week and in recovery, my temp was 95 even! I was shiverring and SO cold. The nurse quickly gave me more blankets and put this tube thing that looked like a vacuum hose under my blankets the blew hot air in. I finally got back to the 97 mark. Since then, I have been back to my normal. It was really scary!

  10. Hma22

    Hma22 New Member

    For the first year of my illness I would drop into the 95's regularly. (I have CFS, FM, hypothyroidism and hypogonadism). The lowest I remember was actually 94.9. I would be incredibly cold, to the point where I would cry and be under multiple comforters, even outdoors in ninety-degree weather. I simply could not get warm.

    It was really painful, but in a way I can't quite explain. I would get so confused, too. The docs wouldn't take me seriously for a while--they didn't believe it, thought my thermometer was bad. I bought several different ones, and the low temps were consistent.They didn't think I could be hypothyroid b/c I had lost weight suddenly instead of gaining. (I was too tired to bother eating, and I just wasn't hungry). After my temp would go so low, I would feel feverish even though I'd usually only get up to 96.8.

    Just another of the strange symptoms that doesn't sound nearly as bad as experiencing it feels, huh?

  11. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member


    I feel for you! 94.9! That must have been miserable. That's considered hypothermia.
    When I get to 95.9 my hands feel like I have been throwing snowballs with bare hands for hours and I get shivery and HAVE to take a hot bath. Even a heating pad and staying in bed isn't enough. After the hot bath I then would have to dress in layers, cover my head, and wear boots, to maintain the heat that the bath gave me. Fortunately, most of the time it doesn't get this low. But it did yesterday upon waking.

    Currently, I am experimenting with cayenne for thermogenesis (=the generation of heat). I am seeing positive changes but will wait to yack on this subject till I know it wasn't a fluke. Yesterday I got from the 95.9 to 98.4 without the usual hot bath. That's all I'm gonna say for now.



    PS. I would add that up till the last year I thought there was something wrong with my thermometer too. I mean, I remember getting 96.5 or 96.0 6 years ago. If ONLY I had not thought my thermometer was broken. I mean, yes, I was cold, that's why I was taking my temp frequently then, but I was like, it CAN'T be that low.

    TRUST ME..................it CAN.

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  12. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member

    Your enthusiasm about this is awesome. I hope it helps someone or several people figure this out.

    It's no fun being cold!!!!


  13. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member


    I don't know if it correlates to the muscles. That would be an interesting thing to research.

    What I know so far about body temperature control--

    The big control thing is the hypothalamus
    Adrenals and thyroid play a part
    So does water balance
    So does the health of the Solar Plexus Chakra
    And maybe the liver? (still looking into that)



    "desperate to be 98.6")

  14. Hma22

    Hma22 New Member


    Thanks for your original post on this and your reply. It's just nice to know that the crazy symptoms aren't all that uncommon after all.

    Also, I just read your post about drenatrophin. I'll definitely be looking into that. Thanks for the info.!

  15. Aberlaine

    Aberlaine Member

    Alyssalyn, you didn't mention the symptoms of body temperatures between 96.4 and 97.7. That's me. I just convinced my doctor to do a T3 and T4 test. Came back "normal". I don't know what else to do. The brain fog and exhaustion is terrible. I can barely function. And to that, the pain, and I'm just about useless. This is all new to me and I'm fighting it. I don't want to believe that this is the way I'm going to be for the rest of my life. I just retired and was looking forward to doing some wonderful things.

    Does anyone have good news about adjusting to this awfulness? I need some positive thoughts to focus on or life ain't worth living.

  16. Patti2

    Patti2 New Member

    Isn't amazing how we read each others diaries and they are owns. Thats for bringing this to everyones attention. I have questioned my DR. and "it is in the normal range" I always freeze!
    Stay warm,
    Have a good weekend!
  17. littlelee

    littlelee New Member

    I have also always ran a normal temp. of around 97.2.

    When my fever is 99.8 I have a high fever too. When I go to the dr and he ask if I have had any fever I say yes and tell what it has been and he laughs. Tells me that isn't considered a fever.

    I will be sick in bed. Freezing to death and all I hear is that I didn't have a fever. Now I have something to show him the next time I dont have a fever.

    Thanks so much, Tammie
  18. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member

    Aberlaine - I was going to respond here but it is waaaaaay too long. I will post it in a separate thread with your name on it.

    To everyone else who has graciously taken time to respond - I am very thankful and have really enjoyed reading them. We share so many symptoms in common. Maybe if one of us finds the answer it will show the way for many of us.


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  19. glint123

    glint123 New Member

    I v'e been complaining to the doctor too about being cold..She is putting me on a tiny bit of thyroid medicine even though my tests came back okay..she believes this will help me...I hope it does too..She also has me on prozac and mobicox for tendonitus..

    The last time I checked my temp, it was in the upper 95's, thought therm was broken also..whew! listening to all of us makes me sure this is a sympton of fibro, that's for sure...

  20. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member


    The 95's? Holy macaroni, you must be freezing cold! I had to turn my thermostat up to 80-90 and wear three layers of clothes after a hot bath to get warm when I was that cold.

    The intake of cayenne can raise body temperature. I'm currently trying it, and went off the kelp, and not taking anything else and it is raising the temp without the help of anything for thyroid. Not normal yet but it will be. Cayenne affects the metabolism. If you are interested, there is lots of info on the web. After sitting in a mess for a week, I am more motivated to do dishes, pick up the bedroom, clean the toilet, shop, walk, and more. I tend to conglomerate into a heap on the heating pad and don't feel like doing a thing, when cold. Then the body temp when it picks up, stimulates a natural wish to get OUT of the house or start cleaning like a neat freak!!

    If you don't have low blood pressure, hot and cold alternating shower helps to raise temp - because it stimulates the thyroid - after several days you feel a nice warm glow a long time after the bath. When I was the coldest, I looked at the two different people who told me this and just about thought they were from another planet. Why would I want anything chilly on my body when I was already shivering and chattering? I did it as hot as I could stand, then not as hot. After awhile the not as hot was lukewarm then a little bit chilly. You alternate back and forth several times. If you do it for several days, it will stimulate the thyroid and it raises the core temperature. This is a cheaper alternative than the hydrotherapy I was supposed to be taking for the thyroid. My doc is far away from me and I am fortunate to be able to afford the gas and the bill for what I already have to do. Hydrotherapy three times a week was out of the question. Again, you can find this technique on the web. It may not be for you if you are so cold you can't stand even lukewarm water, but I am just tossing it out there as an option. I can't believe I put up with being cold for so long!! Never again!!



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