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    Well I have been on this drug for 2 years. I've decreased my dosage and had no problems.I have weened off many drugs and unless you go cold turkey. I don't think one would have any trouble with it..I've been on oxycontin and slowly came of to try another cheaper drug. but had to go back because my headaches came back...
    I think different drugs for different folks. Everyone is not the same..it is wonderful for some people.

    so don't be afraid to try it. or if you don't need to don't. everyone is not alike.

    good luck with all you do to help yourself..

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    I haven't been keeping up with the controversy on this one but I do know that for me it was a miracle drug. I had chronic (at least one a day) debilitating migraines and a constant "low level" headache when ever I didn't have a mirgraine. This medicine helped me more than anything else we had tried and saved my life in my opinion. It was the last shot before the Dr hospitalized me and did "a battery of IV drugs for 2 weeks" to "break the cycle". I was in highschool and if you don't know missing two weeks plus probably recovery for the drug cocktail would have made me fail the grade. Not a good thing. It also helped with my depression some too. Unfortunately there was supposedly a correlation between it and suicide in teens...which I've always wanted to know more about because if it's not tested the right way then the results would have been bogus. Depressed teens taking meds who kill themselves sometimes do it because the med isn't working not because the med made them I think. But oh well. Went back to the occasional IV drug thing until they settled down on their own (accredited to maturing physically). It's really just a to each their own type of thing.