EFT for better sleep?????????????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sofy, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. sofy

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    On Dr. Mercolas web site he strongly endorses EFT for better sleep. Has anyone attended a workshop or had sessions with a therapist who teaches this?
    I just looked and there is one not too far from me. $75 for the first workshop and if you want to attend any more it is $35 after that. If it would actually work that not too expensive. It definately passes the chickensoup test. It wont hurt you and it might help.
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    Maybe it's because I was not taught, but learned from his free download, but I got no results after two weeks of doing it four times daily (for anger), and I felt like an idiot doing it. I'm glad nobody saw me, since I looked like a nutcase while doing it! But, I agree ,it can't hurt and is worth trying. Let us know if it helps you. If it does, I'll try it again.
  3. sofy

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    Crafty, my endo sent me to the best emdr therapist in our state and she doesnt think I will benefit from it so we chat. I talked to her about EFT today and she says go ahead and try it. She has seen some have good results.

    Klutzo, I will print out the stuff on Mercolas site and see if I can get anything from reading. Reading comprenhension for me is way down in the pits so we shall see.

    Ranph, thanks for encouragement. I am at home alone 99% of the time so it doesnt matter what I look like and I dont care what others think if it helps me get restorative sleep. I'v always been a free thinker so why change now.

    I sent a message to the therapist who advertised on the site and got the email back so will have to check to see if the classes are still available.