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    Below is a overview of EFT (emotional freedom technique). I have been doing this for about two weeks now.

    Honestly...the changes have been dramatic. I don't really care if it is psychosomatic, or whatever, it has helped. For the first time in years I have no aches in my body.

    I was aware I had alot of negative emotions - anger, sadness, guilt, but never found a way to deal with them.

    My husband has been in pain from back surgery and osteoarthritis and is also doing the EFT work.

    There is a excellent website with a free manual that completely explains the work. You need to read the manual to see the exact points where to tap, affirmations, etc.

    I have been gradually working on many different "negative" emotions, as I continue, new ones keep coming up. Things I have not thought about for years, but were clearly bothering me. It is easy to tell someone to "get over it" when talking about the past, but that is easier said than done.

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    Thanks for posting this. I tried EFT a few times with mixed, somewhat interesting results. I think it would have gone better if I'd had someone helping me. I didn't stick with it long enough to really give it a fair shake, but it is very interesting stuff. So I may try it again --

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    I am just beginning but have never been completely free of aches before, at least for many years. I know I still have fibro, so I don't think I can run a marathon, or overdo - but I just feel better mentally also.

    Of all the things I have tried to help myself, this is the easiest. I have a business to run and the past few years have been very difficult.

    I don't want to let this go. I will continue to study and learn at this point. I may try to find a practitioner but the results I have had so far are great.

    An example of my improvement - My mother is in a nursing home and I can barely stand to go there. Today I was able to go and visit for a long time not get upset at all.

    I was just so shut down in many areas that are now opening up again.

    Thanks for your feedback.
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    I had a naturopathic practitioner who introduced me to it. I also downloaded the free handbook and ordered some of the DVDs. The cool thing about the DVDs is that you can make up to 99 copies and give them away without hitting any copyright restrictions.

    My son and I do this together sometimes when he is feeling upset or can't go to sleep at night. We both laugh about it, but he comes to me to request it, so we both know that it helps us calm down.
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    I don't know quite how to answer you.

    For me, EFT gets rid of the emotional 'knee jerk' I've felt when I think back to an event or situation that always seems to set me off.

    If you're not feeling any emotion about it, you've probably locked it up pretty tight -- I'm guessing that rather than having gotten over any emotional reaction because you are still bringing this up -- and that would be something I'd bring up with someone who has a lot of experience.

    I'm not sure quite how to put this, but I've found that when I have used EFT to get rid of the emotional zing or to stop obsessing, I find that those reactions have, in some cases, had their GOOD uses as well. For instance, when I had a practitioner use EFT to stop my memories of dealing with my mom's cancer from sucking me back into anxiety (it was a HUGE weight off my shoulders!!!), I also found it much harder to focus on remembering to take care of myself, take my supplements/meds, and concentrate on pacing myself. It was as if my body had started using the memories to continually remind me that I could not put myself last (like I had when I was taking care of my mother) because I would end up debilitated again.

    I'm interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience.

    But back to your question -- I would think about it like an injury, scarred over. If you break through it and find that there's still infection, you're going to need to spend some time cleaning it out before you're free of it. I'd definitely work with someone else, rather than by myself, on that.
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    I taught myself EFT from Gary Craig's DVDs and released a lot of pent up negative emotional stuff from decades ago. Unfortunately it did not help my CFS or FM, but it did reduce my anxiety and fears a lot. I used it about two years ago for several months. The DVDs are boring but EFT did help release my traumas a lot and I still use if occasionally when I feel like I'm obsessing over and over about an issue and feel agitated about family stuff.

    I did feel that EFT worked best on past issues that I could get really emotional and upset about. I subscribe to Gary Craig's e-mail newsletter, which is free, and it's very helpful with personal stories.

    Love, Jasmine
  7. PVLady

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    I wish I could answer your question but I am such a newby with this. I am so thankful I feel better, and am also functioning better each day.

    At this point, it is helping me and I don't even understand why....

    It seems I have just learned the "tip of the iceberg" of EFT but if it has helped me so much already, I will continue to pursue it.

    I meant to say, I don't care if this is a placebo effect either. Whatever helps me is ok.
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  8. sascha

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    i work with it daily on anything that pops up, or on longstanding issues- whether physical or emotional.&lt;BR&gt;
    for me, it neutralizes painful emotional charge to something- i've worked with it on past traumas and on current issues as they occur. also effective on pain, illness symptoms&lt;BR&gt;
    is such a comfort and a tool to have always with you. invaluable is what i say. i wish everyone would give it a good try. it's not at all woo-woo. it can be startling and amazing how quickly it helps.&lt;BR&gt;
    i've got all Gary Craigs video library, have gone through a Level I training course, have gone to eft healing group a number of times, and worked with a practitioner a couple of times (but too expensive to keep that up), but really i love using it on my own.&lt;BR&gt;
    can get a lot of inf on it at eftuniverse.com&lt;BR&gt;