"Eggy" Sulphurous Burps??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MoosesMom, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Okay, this has nothing at all to do with my Fibro, but my 6 year old daughter has started having this terrible problem about once a month. Her pediatrician was stumped and wasn't much help. I haven't found much on the internet but thought that since people with Fibro have "HAD IT ALL" I'd give you a try.

    She will come to me and say "Mommy, I got the burps again." She doesn't run a fever but she has stomach cramps and some diareahea (Lord I can never spell that word). She burps and the smell of eggs and sulpher is overwhelming, you can smell her coming through the house!! She wanted me to lay with her on the bed and I thought I would throw up from having to smell the burps (still layed there, that's what mommies do). Anyway, these burps and stomach cramps continue until she eventually just throws up violently.

    ANY IDEAS, HELPFUL TIPS? Anyone had these burps before??? What are they? What causes them?
  2. SusanEU

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    About 10 years ago, I had those smelly burps and gas, and it turned out I had a peptic ulcer. The prescription antacids I took cured it and it's never come back.

    Your daughter seems awfully young for that, though. I've never heard a young one with it. Hope she is feeling better soon.

    Keep us posted.

    Sue in Ontario

  3. neeter1

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    I have had maybe 5 episodes of this in the past 10 yrs. It's a horrible smell!! And, mine would last all day..shut myself up in my room once and you wouldn't have wanted to walk through the door- the smell would have knocked you over!! It would last until I had to go to the bathroom and everytime it was diarrhea. Thank God..it would be over then.
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    I have believed it is a virus b/c my husband had it and we forgot and I kissed him, well now I have it.

    My son has gotten it before too.

    In fact my whole family: sister in-law, my niece, and my sister in-laws mother.

    I hate it but after having it so often I have found a way to get over it soon.

    The pharmacies sell it, it is called Fleet Phospho-soda, it is a liquid but it taste terrible.

    It shows it is safe for childrenas young as 5 years old.

    I have gastroparesis from being a diabetic and it takes me about 3 days to get over this without the medicine.

    To help with the nasty taste I have added it it to tea and that helps a little, not much though it still taste nasty.

    It is a ginger-lemon flavored medicine.

    Good luck hope this helps some. Pamela
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    You have my sympathy, too. I get burps like that whenever I take vitamins that are not "natural". Many vitamins like One-a-Day and the ones used in Total cereal are made from petroleum-based chemicals. I don't know a whole lot about which ones other than the multi-vitamins made this way give me these sulphurous, gassy burps. Total cereal will, too. I don't know if I have an allergy or am just unable to digest them. So-called natural vitamins like Shaklee and some others from health food stores that are made from vegetables or fruits don't bother me like the others. I don't know if this is any help, but if your daughter takes these chemical vitamins, you could track them to see if they are related to the gassy burps.
    I also have something like GERD, so I have heartburn a lot anyway and if I don't take Prilosec, I get heartburn and then vomit within about a day or two, so the vitamin reaction may just be me. My sister takes them with no trouble.
  6. Ustabhip

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    I had the same thing as a child. I can remember being embarrassed because my friends would say "do you smell that" and "whats that awful smell." I would pretend that I didn't know what it was, and that it certainly was not coming from me. This was a lot of years ago, probably about 36 or so. My Mother was older than other kids moms, and she knew lots about natural treatments and cures. She got a bottle of "Liver Powder" ( the name on the bottle) from either the drug store or the pharmacist. She had me to take about 1/2 teaspoon 4 or 5 times a day and the "eggy burps" would go away, usually by the next day. I had this problem several times for about a year, and each time used the Liver Powder. I don't know if you can still buy this powder, but I believe it will work if you can find it.
  7. karinaxx

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    here another mom.
    first thing which comes in my mind is Hepatitis.(live in india) and than Amoeba. But in dont know if this is possible in the states.
    Anyway have her stool checked and put her on a fat free and vegetarian diet.
    if that helps, than have her liver values checked and irritable bowl syndrom is another thing which comes in my mind.
    dont leave it just unchecked, it sound she is realy sick.
    love karinaxx