Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

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    Hi Everybody,

    My niece has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. From what I understand the gene that causes it is inherited. Does anyone know if it related to Fibro? Some types of it sound quite similar as far as the symptoms.

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    no clue what that is! I must look it up.
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    I've got it; and yes, it is inherited.

    Practically all the relatives on my mom's side have it, going back at least 5 generations. We have the Type 3, also called "Benign Hypermobility Type". Basically, the joints are extra bendy and the connective tissue is stretchy.

    My rheumatologist I see for my FM tells me there's no real connection between FM and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. At least not with the kind I have. However, the Ehlers-Danlos does lead to worse arthritis in later years because of the excessive wear caused by the sloppiness in the joints.

    However, I have seen on a couple of the Ehlers-Danlos websites that they believe people with this condition do have a greater chance of developing Fibromyalgia. Again, dr. tells me there have been no studies done to support this (he says it's too hard to find enough people who have Ehlers-Danlos to get enough to do such a study.)

    Anyway, I guess for me, the Ehlers-Danlos is much easier to deal with than the FM. I get dislocated joints only a couple of times a year and due to the excess stretchiness, they don't really hurt like they do for "normal" people. While the FM is a daily struggle.

    I hope your niece does well.

    Best wishes,