Either I have zero pain tolerance or I have a HIGH drug tolerance

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    AS I read the return posts to the one I wrote last night. I read that the person said she didn't know if what I am talking for pain is alot as she has only been allowed to take 30 mgs of the MSCointin. I on the other hand have been prescribed 100mg x 4 a day. And I had it redudced from 5 a day because I was not taking them .

    I once thought that I was taking to much but then the pain got worse after I shattered my left wrist and it just had not eased off much.

    Starting in Jan of 2006 my life became so stressfull that I was struggling to cope. My Mom was put in the hospital for rectal bleeding and there was no cause found ,but as she is taking blood thinnners to prevent any more clots that alone could have caused the bleed. And her blood was way to thin.

    During the week she was in the ICU my sister made my life horriable. She came to the ER drunk and stoned as did the dip she is married to. They had to be asked to leave 5 times and then it still took secturity to get the to leave.

    Mom didn't wnat them at the hospital so every time I went to her room I had to tell the nurse's that I was ok to go in and see my MOm . Finally MOm told them that it was not me that she didn't want to see.

    During the past summer my mom has to spend time in the ER for celliutits she got it 2x in that many months and was so sick with it. And then she fell and has a compression fracture.

    AS I have been posting here for a while I have been reading about what pain meds people take and the amounts that they take. I seem to be one who takes far more than most do. And it makes me wonder why?

    I have fibro, facet syndrome, MPS,bulging discs,arthritis in wirst, arithis in knees, need new knees,radiculopathy in the lumbar spine, degenerative disc disease,and bursistis in my right hip, spinal stenosis,one of the screws that hold that plate in my left wrist is loose.

    I want you to know that I hate taking pain pills but when I don't take them the pain is so bad that I can't move with out being crying in pain.

    The stress in my life keeps getting worse as my pain doctor is in some legal trouble and I don't believe that he did the things he has been charged with. But it is not me who has to belive it as it has gone to court now.

    There is always the possiablity that he will be found guilty and I pray that won't happen but you never know what can happen in a court case.

    But it means that I will have to find a new pain doctor who will treat me with the same medications that I am taking now. And when I think of that I just get so scared of the look on their face when I say well this is what I am on right now.

    MScontin 100 mgs x4
    MSIR 30mg's x4
    Soma 350 mg x4
    Visteril 25 mg x 3
    xanax 2 mgs x 2
    valium 10 mgs x 1 at bedtime.

    I don't want a doctor to judge me and tell me that I am taking far too much pain meds for what I have wrong with me. And I don't want to be called a drug seeker either.

    All I want is a good doctor who will belive in me and know that I am being honest with them.
    AS I don't take any more of my pain meds than I need in a day and most days I don't take all that I am prescribed .

    I don't want to take my pain meds when I have to drive my MOm to her doctors office as I am already tired from the fibro, and I don't need the added fatique that I could get from the meds I am on. Most of the time they don't make me sleepy but there is always that chance.

    I don't mean to sound like a baby . I just don't like the feeling that if I had to find a new doctor I would be judged by them because of the amount of narcotics that I am taking at this time.

    I don't want much just acceptance from them and from people I know but who don't think I need to take "THAT MUCH PAIN MEDICATIONS"

    Maybe I am just being to sensitve about this but I feel bad that I am taking such strong pain pills which is why I had my doctor lower my MScontin , yes it maybe only 1 pill a day but that is still alot of meds. And if I can I will get him to lower them to 300 mgs in a day as I don't want to be so dependant on medications that some doctors don't want to prescribe .

    I can't take steriods at all as I have really bad reactions to them so that leaves out all the facet injections, and epidurals with steriods.

    I don't take antidepressants as I have had some really strange reactions with them as well. So it leaves me sounding strange I feel.

    Sorry about all the whininng I am just worried about the outcome of my pain doctors case.

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    You really might be in a fix if you have to change doctors, and I certainly hope you don't. It's really hard to get them to give a person what they need, and it sounds like you were lucky to find one that would.

    But on the other hand, since you also cut down recently that should show them that you aren't a "seeker". Haven't heard of one yet that will cut back!!. That should at least be in your favor.

    Heck, I can't even get my doc to give me anything stronger than Ultram. But I don't have all your problems either. Wishing you the best of luck in the future. No one wants to be in pain. I certainly understand that!!

    Friends - Jole

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