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    I am hoping you see this message. I came across your profile. I have had CFS since last year. I noticed you had fevers...not too many people on here have them like I do. They get as high as 101 but hover around the 99.8 mark. It is enough to make me feel awful. They also cycle. I usually don't have then everyday. Well I had them everyday for 3 months then it became a cycle with chills and aches once a month. Basically I know they come t b/w the 1st-4th of of every month. It will then last 9 days.
    You mention that yours went away after two year. I pray that is what happens to mine. It is definitely my biggest problem. I feel awful when I have them. Did you do anything to particular then to make them go away or did it just happen on its own?

    I am so desperate. For some reason I had a fever again this past week when I was not even "due!" I hope it is not going to start up again as bad as it was before.

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    I know isn't it funny to see your name?

    I am getting treated at an FFC center. I had mono in the past I show past EBV levels but they are still treating it with a high dose of Valtrex. I guess they figure I have some sort of virus so that should help it. I still get the fevers though.

    That is werid how yours last just through the fall now. I came down with CFS last year and I remember I felt worse during the spring so maybe that is why I am having them everyday again. You are right they seem way higher then they are. All of the traditional Drs. were like that is not that high ..you should not feel that bad. .Yeah let them have it for one day and then tell me how they feel.

    I bought epson salt but never took the bath. I was worried it would raise my temp even more. How often did you take them? How much do you use?

    What is "HEEl" the product you mentioned?

    I have never tired accupuncture either. I am a little nervous to try it but I guess it would help. Did you feel worse in the beginning of the treatment?

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