Elaine - Another sleep issues question !!

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    Hi there. I just happened to notice that PH was having a sale on their Valerian Root ext with lemon balm. It seems like a great sale but wondering if you had ever used it instead of the other other valerian root or just Valerian (which by the way I haven't been able to find).

    If so did it seem any stronger to you than the other or not and did it help???. It seems to be less potent in mg but it is the extract which might make it stronger. What do you think?

    BTW, I have not answered you or should I say mentioned how I am coming along with your potion you told me about. Well, I think it may be helping and I am also trying the adding of some more MG to my potion due to some of my leg cramps and sort of restless leg thing that can sort of be a pain too. Thought that might help.

    It is a very hard thing for to me to say how things are going right now as we had the g kids here for days and my schedule is way off. So, I weill try again tonight. I have also been taking more Mg in the morning with my other stuff and some with my potion a couple hours before bed. I also think that taking the potion a coupkle of hours before bed rather than closer to bedtime as I was doing. I heard that mg can be helpful to sleep issues as well as leg cramps and such. So, I ama tryin that.

    Well kiddo, I have to go for now. Have a wonderful weekend with JS and let me know what you think when you can. More later on.


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    for your input. I had read some of the info you sent but will keep it for future info.

    Yes, I thought the price was excellent and the sale price was the same as the Smart Saving price right now. That is funny that I cannot find Valerian anywhere in the stores or pharmacies, or health food stores around here. Perhaps it cam be ordered on- line but it is the Valerian Root that I have found everywhere else. I have to check it out again too. Not sure what the common dosage is - 1 or 2 caps at night.

    One of the people reviewing it said that that she took the Valerian ext with lemon balm abput 30 minutes before bedtime. It sounds like it might be stronger than the VR. Did you say in CVS you have found the Valerian. I could not find it there at all - we are not in the big city so they may nit have everything there but the store is pretty large and have lots of good stuff.

    I may just order a couple of bottles and if it works well will get the smart saving price. Not sure how long the sale will be on.

    It does sound good though and the price pretty good. The VR that I vought at the health food store when I couldn;r find it anywhere else at the time was $15 for 120 caps I think. Not cheap but a good sized bottle anyway. I did finally find it in WM and so got some and some Melatonin 5 mg when they actually had both of them in stock.

    Have you ever taken MG at all? I am experimenting with that though and I do not think that will hurt and can get that pretty cheap.

    Thaks again and I will get back to you soon again. Have a fun and relaxing weekend !

    More hugs to you ,


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    Thought I would let you know that I bought 4 bottles of the Valerian ext with LB and will try then and see if it will help or not. The price was so good !! If it works I can pay the same sale price on autoship, I will have to experiment with that again and try one and then maybe 2 and see if I need to take the Melatonin with it also.

    Talk to you soon again.

    Bye !


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    I have to try and find out more about it, it's strength and such. It might be closer to Valerian and not the root but I do not know. I has alot less of it (mgs) which also makes me think the ext is a lot stronger. Will keep trying to find out more about it but I could not pass up the price.

    Thanks for answering. More later on.


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    My work garden has very pretty, aesthetically pleasing, valerian plant. I like the plant......just looking at the leaves and flower clusters is calming for me. The fragrance I like.

    Anyway, it is about five feet high and is a hardy perennial that dies back in winter. I have not checked out what roots are like, or know how many roots needed therapeutically.

    The lemon balm is also a hardy perennial, and is spreading rapidly by seed. Probably much easier to process lemon balm (just make tea from leaves I suppose, or eat raw) than valerian.

    I recommend both for inclusion in a herb garden. Cheers, your mr Bill

    ( Maybe I should try making a small pillow with lemon balm, mugwort, and valerian flowers.)

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    Thought I'd give some input too!

    I love the valerian/lemon balm from PH. I've taken other types, but this is, for me, the best. I've used it for several years.

    I have many sleep issues and this helped!

    Good Luck!

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    Mr Bill - Geez, I wish that I could grow an herb garden. We have little sun where our property is and so have mostly greenery with few flowers that actually can take mostly shade.

    Kim - you mentioned that you love it Valerian with lemon balm and use it a lot. Do you use it with other supps. such as Melatonin, etc. ? Also, have you used the Valerian root or valerian before the estracat? I am guessing that the EXTRACT is stronger than the others but not sure. I am just rying to figure out how much take of it, which I do know is different for other people. Right now I am taking the Val. Root with Melatonin so I will be doing some more experimenting to see what works and how much.

    Just wondering if you have any ides or suggesting that may have helped you. The Valerian Root that I take is 410 mgs. or so. The Extract has 100 plus mg per caps, I forget and I have not received it yet.

    God bless,