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    Hey there I posted it on the porch then decided to move it over here. I hope there is something here that lights a light bulb in your brain. I know how frustrated you are and hope I can help-Carla

    ELAINE- I bought my house AFTER I got my SSDI, even used some of the backpay for the money down. I got a 30 year loan and I was 48 years old. So I would look into it again. I just bought this laptop from Sony on a 18 months no interest with my SSDI income. I do not include my one day a week job.

    Have you thought about bank work, many banks use PT tellers. I do understand how you feel. When I moved from Va I was making very good money and had to take a job in a nice jewerly store for $6.50 an hour. There was nothing else, I was over qualified for most jobs available and none were even close to what I was making.

    I have worked for 30 years straight, 10 of those years I had a PT waitress job on weekends. So I was ready to "retire".

    Hang in there and figure where you would like to work, then bug the hell out them, nicely. I know you probably already go online as well as newspapers. Did you know that the unemployement office posts all jobs online. You won't see an ad in the paper for these jobs.

    What about Real Estate agents, many need a PT assistant, my freind has one and it works for both of them, but no benefits, but it is experiance and would maybe meet contacts that lead you to your right job.

    Have you put an ad in the paper for yourself? Great lady looking for a great job thing? How about a flyer all about you, be creative and take it to companies and leave them, leave them at the Dr, groc stor office, Home Depot pays great money for admin work. My daughter has been with them for 7 years and makes $17 an hour, started out at $12 to work the vault room and run reports.

    Same thing with Lowes-most retail stores have their own Ad min staff. I hope this helps a bit, sometimes people just don't think about these places when looking for our type of work.

    I did what Mickey does, I managed office building and over saw 2 large self storage centers. What about apartments, they need people to show apts, collect rent. Even some contractors hire people to work weekends in the there model homes.

    I dont' know how big your town is so some of these may not work, but think outside the box and don't close yourself into this one idea of the kind of jobs most admin do.

    Ok I have run out of ideas for you, I do know you will find the right one, now go call the bank. Also apply on line to well know lenders. Try Ditech, I bought my house in VA threw them and it was all on line, then a nice man came to my house to sign the closing papers and gave me a check. Oh another idea, these co's pay the nice man or woman to go get the papers signed. I actually looked into it, then my mom got sick and had to move and the rest is history.
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    I did leave you a message on the porch. I do think you have a good idea to market you. I also mentioned about looking into grants to open your own business or consulting business.

    Can you go back to your old job in some capacity? I just know there is something out there for you. Well got a mammagram and bone scan at 1 so gotta go- take care and hang in there-Carla