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    I just read your bio. You are a very upbeat person and making the best of your situation. We seem to have alot in common! I totally think getting our sleep incheck is fundamental with this FMS. I don't have chronic fatigue. Don't have the sore throat, flu-like feeling. Just pain and stiffness.

    I take many immune support supplements and detox products. Was even on parasite cleanse and that's cleared up. I see that Rich takes 5 different Transfer Factors! Yikes, that would be expensive. I take only the Transfer Factor Essentials sold here. It's a generalized Factor plus I take lots of Vit. C.

    I'm now going to record my temperatures. Apparently your body temp. should be lower in the morning, higher in the afternoon and lower in the evening, then you take the average. Will discuss the results next week with my natural Dr. I really think having sub-optimal temps. is not good.

    Do you have a family Elaine? I'm married with 3 sons. The oldest just presented his girlfriend with a ring at Easter, so now I'm officially Mother of the groom to be!! They are planning a Fall wedding.

    Thanks for replying. We should meet on the chat line some day.

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    Sorry I've been busy and now I have to run out to Staples and buy a printer for my new laptop.
    I'll write later.


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