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    I hope you are doing well and enjoying life. I haven't been able to come and read up on how everyone is doing much lately as my health problems have increased over the past few months.

    I remember you posting to me once about the terrible migraines you used to suffer. Forgive me, but with added brain fog, I cannot remember how long and often they lasted and how you were able to overcome them.

    Lately, I have had daily headaches, sometimes turning into migraines. It is hard to function. My dr. says I have a sinus infection and has put me on antibiotics. However, she did the same thing a few months ago, only to have it return. I have to say I am also under a lot of stress and experiencing daily anxiety. What did your dr. say the headaches were from? Mine are getting so frequent and painful that I wonder what is going on. It hurts all the way down to my ears, neck, shoulders, etc. I don't want my dr. dismissing it as sinus related if it is not. Now, add the anxiety and stress in there and I suppose it could be a recipe for one heck of a headache!

    Just looking to see what your dr. did for you and what the cause was. I appreciate your insight. Once again, I apologize for not knowing what is going on with everyone. But as soon as I get this under control, I plan to post more often.

    Thank you,
    aka boltchik
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    Boltchik .....

    Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well & yes, I use to suffer with daily migraines.

    I had them for over 5 years before I finally found relief.

    I never responded to medication. Also, with medication --- you will want to be careful of "rebound headaches" / migraines.

    Mine turned into daily and my worst bout was 23 straight days of horiffic pain.

    BOTOX injections is what we finally figured out work very well for me.

    The cause for them really is undetermined. However, they are rather common in those who have FMS and or CFS.

    If you are not responding to medication, ask your doctor to try "trigger point injections", "nerve block injections" or a mixture injection with a steroid in it.

    If with the injections ---- your pain vanishes & then resurfaces a few days later ----- then that means you would be a GREAT CANDIDATE for Botox injections.

    They can keep most patients migraine free for at least 4 to 6 months at a time.

    I tend to go for a few years before I need the Botox injections again. Luckily!!

    Getting my sleep under control was super important in keeping my migraines at bay.

    If you need information on Botox Injections, how to seek approval from your insurance carrier, etc. --- let me know & I'll add it to this message.

    Take care & hope I've helped
    == Elaine

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    Thanks so much for the info. I agree that getting my sleep under control could be a major contributing factor. I usually wake up a couple of times a night, and my dreams often involve something I am stressed or worried about.

    Right now I am cycling 800 mg of ibuprofen with Excedrin migraine. Sometimes it does the trick, sometimes not so much. Not to mention it's hard on the stomach. I also take nasonex at night for the sinuses. I do not handle narcotic painkillers like vicodin too well. After this round of antibiotics I will see what happens. If it does not subside I will mention the botox injections to my dr. The problem is that I don't have much confidence in my dr. at this time and I am thinking of switching.

    Wow, it is so sad that you wanted to bang your head against something to make it feel better, how hard that must of been on you. I am so glad that those injections helped you. How fantastic that you are able to go so long without these terrible headaches. If I decide to go that route, I will ask for your help again. I really appreciate your time and I really hope that you have a fantastic weekend!! Kim :)

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    Hope you are having a great Saturday. I am watching my niece and nephew, along with having my kids, so it is a full weekend-but fun! I haven't had a headache since yesterday afternoon and I am very grateful. Otherwise, I wouldn't be having so much fun with the kids.

    I have heard of Fibrosleep. I worry about taking something for sleep since I have two younger kids, and my stepson half the time. He is a teenager and has been sneaking out of the house at night, so now I have to keep just as much an eye on him as the younger ones, Lol! But I am not laughing when it's 3:00 a.m. that's for sure! Does the fibrosleep make you completely zonk out?

    I can't believe that you actually had to bang your head to feel better, how awful!! Your headaches must have been so debilitating. I think I would have felt like I was losing my mind also, esp. having one for so many days straight. Mine usually last a day or two, skip a day and then return.

    Well, hopefully you are enjoying your day and thanks for the input, it is very appreciated! Kim :)