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  1. hoodnanny

    hoodnanny New Member

    JUST want some more information on you....please
    i see you are taking the truameel.did the calcium pyruvate not work. did you run into some trouble.
    just wanted to know the outcome still.
  2. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    I'm still having great results with the Calcium Pyruvate. I've been able to drop back to 1-2 caps the past couple of days. Still getting pain relief, too. I feel very lucky to have found this product.

    I have not heard much back from other members here. I think that may be partly because the product is so expensive. It's tough to fork over $25 on a maybe, but I did find vitacost dot com had the lowest online price (NSI brand.) So I re-ordered with them.

    I was actually trying the Traumeel S hoping to have save some money. But it did not work for me. Just check my profile for the message.

    I'm also keeping the Calcium Pyruvate thread up-to-date. Again, just check my profile. You'll find a lot more info on my posts there :).

    Thank you for your interest. Please let us know what happens after you try CP. I changed my thread title to, "My Dad Bought Me Calcium Pyruvate... Now Tracking the Progress." So I think that's the best place to post results for now :).
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  3. hoodnanny

    hoodnanny New Member

    I BOUGHT A BOTTLE AND TOOK ONE..REALLY FELT THE ENERGY. BUT AT THE SAMEtime i ordered the traumeel...i ordered the tab......when i recived it it was the gel. well i kept it and gave it to my daughter.....i did not take the cp because i wanted to see which one worked the best...i ordered another bottle of tabs from the same company and put TABS AND underscored it....all week i have looked forward to it so much, so today it came in the mail...it was the gel..i want to hit the roof everytime i think about it..i wrote them an email....guess i will have to order from another comp. so i thought i would start on the cp for a week until i get some in.....
    so again thank you and hope it continues to help you..

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