Elavil anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by texangal81, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    My doc gave me an RX for Elavil, which I haven't filled. I have been resistant to taking anti-depressants because I'm NOT depressed. I don't want to start taking drugs for problems I don't have "just because". Is anyone taking this and does it help?

    I took it years ago for sleep when my back would flare up so bad and I can't remember being terribly impressed. I really want to keep the drugs to a minimum and will only take anti-depressants if someone can give me a solid reason for it.
  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    Antidepressants can help with FM because they help with replenishing seratonin levels and seratonin helps with pain. I took antidepressants for many years for FM.

    I also took elavil but unfortunately I got a lot of side effects with it so I had to stop. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try it though. A lot of people take elavil with no side effects at all.

    I have a friend who has been taking elavil for many many years and it has been very helpful to him in pain areas and also helps with his sleep.

    There is a good chance that it could help you.

  3. wildflowers2

    wildflowers2 New Member

    Seems to be protocal on that crap. However, IF you dont like anti depresants do not take them. It just seems to be a quick fix us giving us pills. Besides the doctors get kick backs from the drug companies. My cousin works for a MAJOR company ant part of her job is writing out the LARGE checks for the perscriptions the doctors write.

    YEars ago the drug companies use to give doctors, vacations, new cars.

    what a racket.

    My vote is no......

    many blessings

  4. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    elavil and another drug doxepin are trycyclic antidepressants, the doses used for cfs/fibro are much lower then for depression, they help with nerve type pain and help increase the quality of your sleep which helps alot for aches and pains. Dosages are around 10-50mg, you dont have to take them all the time, you can take them like a sleeping pill 1-3 times a week on a as need bases, they can increase your appetitte so monitor your food intake. Take them occassionally helps reduce weight increase side effects. So these drugs are not just for depression and your doc probably didnt give them for you for depression. Cause there called antidepressants people tend to have a phobia about them or think that there dr thinks there crazy, this is not so. Try not to be negative about these meds they can be a great help.
    good luck
  5. msnova74

    msnova74 New Member

    I too wase resitant to taking any meds especially antidepresants. BUT I now take 25mg at night of elevil and have been on the same dose for a few years. I regret not taking it sooner. It truly helps with the quality of my sleep.

    I am a chronic insominiac. 2 hours sleep is good in my world. The ambien cr puts me to sleep and the elevil keeps me there.

  6. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    I started taking elavil a litte over a month ago.
    Honestly it hasn't helped me with my FM pain but it has helped me relax and not worry about the little things which I needed. I take 50mg at night , sometimes I sleep better and sometimes not..... The only side effect that I have is dry mouth sometimes and sometimes I get hungry but I was already watching my diet so it hasn't been a problem for me.
    I would do what you feel is best for you.
    I tried Cymbalta for one day and it made my stomach burn so I won't be taking that anymore as I had a bleeding stomach ulcer almost 4yrs ago and almost died and don't want to go there again........sorry I got sidetracked.....
    but I guess what I'm trying to say is listen to your body and your intuition. Smile

    Gentle hugs, Susan
  7. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I took Elavil once years ago and hated how it made me feel, so stopped it.

    I do take the amino acid 5-htp, which naturally helps the brain produce serotonin, and it does help me sleep without the side effects of prescription ADs.

    So ask your doc why he wants you to take Elavil. To raise serotonin? You can do that naturally if you want.

  8. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Most AD's aren't the right chemistry for our brains (according to Dr. James Baraniuk at Georgetown and Dr. Cheney).

    But they seem to be first line in the protocol to fix us, Elavil being the first of the roller coaster.

    Some people are helped but so many are not.

    I would agree with your assessment to try to stay natural if only for your liver and detoxification.

    This is what I do to normalize my seratonin which does give me some pain relief in that I don't spiral out of control.

    I use 50mg 5HTP, 300 mcg not mg of Melatonin, magnesium and that is usually enough. If not, then I add an herbal combination of Valerian Root, Rhodiola, and Holy Basil.

    If I still can't sleep due to restless legs or pain in legs, then I take a muscle relaxer (Robaxin).

    ADDED: If your case is more severe, then I would move to GABA and L-theanine. I know someone on another board who was a terrible insomniac and she started taking Source Naturals GABA-Calm and she has been sleeping well for the first time in years. I haven't purchased it yet but I have tried GABA but I think it works better with the L-theanine and taurine. Also, modifying your diet can make a big difference. For some people caffeine, even in the morning, can affect nighttime sleep. For others, a diet high in excitotoxins can cause insomnia - too much glutamate in the brain. So no MSG, no aspartame, no ingredients like Artifical flavors (which is half MSG). It is a hard diet but when I cheat, I am up at night with a very restless feeling.

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  9. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I took it for a long time for depression never for fibro

    It DOES help with sleep, I hated the side effects....constipation, lethargy, weight gain, dry mouth

    Everyone is different. I would just make sure you are starting out on a really low dose since it is VERY sedating.

    Takes about 2 hours to kick in, so be home when you take it!!!
  10. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Is a medication known to cause carb cravings and cause weight gain. I gained 30 -35 pounds taking this medication about 10 yrs ago and hated what it did to my body.

    There are so many other newer meds that don't have this problem associated with it. I'd ask for one of those.....


  11. englishteacher

    englishteacher New Member

    I've been taking the lowest dose of Elavil since last July. Side effects? I put on about 15 pounds but I figured it was because I'm a teacher and after work I was too tired to exercise so I'd sit and eat while grading papers to stay awake and then fall asleep immediately at home.

    Benefits? I felt more refreshed and able to cope with life better in about 2 days.

    I was strongly against pills in general but my quality of life is SO much better that it seems almost ridiculous for me to say no to the pills. I have to keep in mind what's better for my family as well as my personal preferences.
    If you have the time and energy (or counsel) to try natural remedies first then go for it. Otherwise . . . try the Elavil and forget about it's title as an "A.D."

    Best Wishes.
  12. jbc66

    jbc66 New Member

    I take Doxepin, which is like Elavil (same class of drugs) Even though they are called antidepressants, they are hardly ever prescribed for depression any longer. They are part of the tricyclic family of antidepressants and are now used for nerve pain and to promote sleep. I beleive someone already mentioned it, but they typically prescribe them at very low doses.

    When I first got sick back in '98, I thought I was dying, I was in so much pain. After two days on 10 mgs of doxepin the burning stopped and within another couple of days I started sleeping through the night again. It allowed me to go off temporary disability and start working again.

    I since have found some other things to do to help with sleep (see my recent post) and I hope to at some point to taper off of the doxepin.
  13. dee3

    dee3 New Member

    I had been on paxil for about 2 years and found that I had totally lost the ability to cry or feel emotional about anything. I began to worry about this when I lost a few people in my life that I was fairly close to and wasn't able to cry. My dr. told me that this was a common side effect, so I decided to wean myself off. (Which was more difficult than I thought it would be - bad dizzy spells but that is a story for another day!) So far I am taking 50 mg about 2 hrs before bedtime and wake up feeling more refreshed than I have in years. I usually took Tylenol #1 daily but haven't done so in the last 2 weeks. I am very hopeful that this will be a new beginning for me. Granted I do have the dry mouth and increased appetite, but I am willing to accept that. I have tried gabapentin, lyrica, flexeril, baclofen and a handful of other anti-depressants and elavil helps me more than any other. On yeah it;s dirt cheap and covered by my insurance plan which is another bonus!

  14. Petunia4

    Petunia4 New Member

    I took Elavil for years and it helped with my FM pain tremendously! It gave me dry mouth, so after about 10 yrs. I got tired of it and asked for anything that wouldn't make my mouth so dry. So, now I take Effexor XR for the pain and Trazadone 150 mg. for my sleeping problems. They both work wonders for me. So, I'd say, give it a try. See how it works for you. God Bless and I hope you find help for your pain.
  15. millennia

    millennia New Member

    The body is a mysterious thing. The way that different meds work on so many levels is interesting. Don't not try a med because it is labeled as being for one thing. Many meds are helpful for all sorts of conditions. It would be stupid not to feel better because you don't want to be on something that is called an antidepressant.

    On the specific topic of Elavil. It didn't help my pain at all. I had one mixed drink while out with friends and had to be carried home unconscious. So DO NOT mix it with alcohol.
  16. JohnThreeSixteen

    JohnThreeSixteen New Member


    It is supposed to be an article for kids...but it was complicated enough for ME to struggle with understanding the autonomic nervous system!

    Neurotransmitters are Dopamine, Seretonin, Noripinephrine, epenephrine and a couple of others including Substance P.
    Here's a website that explains their function and why these are suspected not to be working in Fibro:

    A/D work to make the ANS function correctly. Some work on the seratonin, some work on both Seratonin and Norepinephrine (Cymbalta)and some work on Dopamine only(Wellbutrin).

    That's why antidepressants are the first source of relief by Dr's in fighting the pain of FMS. I've been switched around alot trying to find one with side effects I can live with. Some Dr.'s still swear that the tricyclic antidepressants work best against FMS even though they are the older ones with more side effects.
    That's my 2 cents from my reading and being a patient.

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