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    I called my doc today because the last few days have been horrible, I asked for something to calm me down at night and help me sleep hoping that I wont toss and turn all night long.

    I feel if I sleep solid I wont hurt as bad in the morning. Any way the nurse said he called me in elavil, when I asked what type of medicine it was she didnt know so she put me on hold and asked the doc and he told her it is for a mood disorder and will help me like lyrica would but without as many side affects.

    I googled it and found a little info on it but am still conflicted I wonder if anyone here has tried it and has it helped at all? I have only been taking vitamins and GABA up until this point but the weather is changing and getting colder and it isnt working for me anymore.

    Thanks everyone
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    elavil is the very first antidepressant that came out in the 70's.

    I have taken it in the past thinking of trying it again.

    side effects are dry mouth and groggie when first trying it. It does make you sleep.
    I trust it more than newer ones.
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    Hi...I took it for several years, 25 mg. It worked great for me--helped with the pain and helped me sleep.

    The only problem is that it caused extreme dry mouth. I just recently stopped taking it because of dental problems due to my mouth being so dry.

    Also, I must tell you that I gained 25 lbs during the 5 years I was taking it. It made me crave sweets. I think this is a common problem with elavil.

    Just to reiterate...it helped tremendously with the FM and sleep problems I was having. I really did not want to stop taking it. To me, it was worth the weight gain, but not worth all the dental problems. Not everyone has the extreme dry mouth I had though.

    Best of luck to you.

    God bless,
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    I have been on elavil and lyrica for a year and it has done wonders for me. I still hurt everyday but not as bad because the elavil helps me sleep very good.. I am on 100mg of elavil and 150mg of lyrica three times a day. When you first start taking the you will feel droggy the first couple of days and then that goes away... I dont have any other side effects from it.. I cant live without it..
    Good Luck
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    thanks everyone for your reply I am going to start on 50 mg and probably start tonight so maybe tomorrow I can update you on how I did. Again thanks for the responses, I love this place because we can all be so honest and open.

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    worked wonders for me OVERNIGHT, which im not sure is common? This was a few years ago now, probably back in 03 or so.

    I took it, slept fine, and the next day i woke up, NOTHING seemed as 'urgent' as it usually always does. Took away anxiety and all. I enjoyed music and reading much more than usual, everything was brighter.

    However, i got some vision flickering, and unfortunately as im an extremely drug sensitive person, and am prone to heart rhythm disturbance, it made my heart jump around ALOT. Most people don't get this. I almost didnt care cause i felt so good, but realised at night after a couple days when my heart was way too jumpy that i had to give it up. Unfortunate!

    But i think it has great effects for those that can tolerate it. If weight is an issue, it's mostly the carb cravings that make ppl gain on it, so take things like chromium and regular protein meals - try not to let the carb cravings take over.

    Hope it works!
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    Things have been good, I am sleeping much more solid now and today it is raining outside and I dont hurt much at all. Thanks for all the advice and input, I am going to continue on this for a few weeks and maybe try to cut back on the Cymbalta, mainly because of costs, Cymbalta is 40 a month and elavil is only 4 a month, but I will have to talk to the dr first.