electric blankets?

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    Does any1 use this, amd if so any suggestions? i'm looking into purchasing one and wanted to know any tips that might help. I see alot of the sunbeam 'with a brain' brand, does any 1 use this specific 1? If so, does it turn off or turn lower if the room temp is higher? I don't think I would really prefer this b/c I want the heat to continue threw the night even the hot weather so it could help my achy muscles and bones. If any one can give suggestions it will be highly appriated (sp). Many thanks in advance!! Hope ev1 has a wonderful Easter!!

  2. MelanieThebirdlover

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    I'm gonna go look this brand up now. will keep you posted. Once again, many thanks! Have A Very Happy Easter To You And Yours :D

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    .....the Sunbeam Cuddle-up, not a full blanket, but a throw-size. I think he found it somewhere on the internet, discontinued. I get colder during the day & evening sitting around the house, so I wanted a heated throw to wrap around myself. I'm usually pretty warm in bed at night with a comforter & regular blankets.

    Good luck with it & stay warm!!!

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    i have used a heating blanket for abour 5 years now.i only put it on for about a half hour before going to bed then i turn it off cause i hate being too hot in bed.i also hate going into a cold bed too.i have the best sheets in the world too that i use.they are called health sheets and they are a fuzzy kind of material.they are warm and cool you dont over heat with them and they arent cool when you get in to bed.i highly recommened them to any of you.i live in ontario and i got them at a giant tiger store.havent seen them any where else.
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    I'm not real cold during my sleep, I want the blanket to soothe my achy, stiff, painful, joints, muscles, and bones. Hopefully, I wont be as stiif in when I wake up. Always feels like rigamortis(sp) has set in or something:(

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    This is what I have done.I have just completed my third year doing it an I am still here.I bought my self a Feather Mattress from J C Penneys.( We have a King size bed)I bought 2 Twin size electric blankets,nothing fancy but good quality. I put the blankets on the regular mattress,one on each side.Then I put the feather mattress on top of the twin blankets,Well actually my husband did.
    Talk about luxery(SP) We turn the blankets on about an hour before bed on med.It feel so good.It is the best comfort I have ever had.The warmth and goose down just cradles my body. The bad part for some people is that your bed does not ever make up to look real perfect but I myself couldn't care less about that. I love my bed, it is my spa when I am hurting. My husband likes it too when he comes in from work in the wee hours of the morning and its cold and/or damp out.Like I said I have just completed my third year with this set up and I have no plans to change it.(no need to post to tell me that its not a good thing to do)It has been my biggest salvation with this DD.
    It has often helped me get through some bad times because I had my own little dry warm spa waiting for me.

    This is only a suggestion , well not even that, It is just me commenting on what my husband thought of for me and it works FOR ME.

    Investment was about $250.00

    I wish you comfort in what ever form you can achieve it!!!

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    I'm so glad you found something that works for you. I'll definetly check it out. Sounds real comforting. Many thanks, take good care.