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  1. Annette2

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    The other day I parked my car and started to walk the block to my office. All of a sudden I felt a hot burst of electricity run through my body, in my chest area. It's happened before - not too often, but enough for me to notice. Does anyone get that symptom and do you know what it is and what causes it? My heart is fine. It makes me very anxious and creeps me out. What in heaven could that be? Thanks!



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  2. ladybird1

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    I have posted about these electrical jolts and tinkling.
    Many other have also. One response was that is its a
    nerve problem. Don't know for sure.
  3. bluebirder

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    Hey, I don't know if yours are the same as mine but I get the electric shocks in my back and my feet. An old Dr said they were just muscle spasms or possibly inflamed nerves.

    I guess that makes sense.Never had them start in the chest area.But it is enough sometimes to make one suck in a quick breathe of air "in shock reflex" so to speak. Goes away in a few seconds though. I have had less since my sleep improved with the Elavil/Paxil combination at bedtime.
  4. Mikie

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    Neurological symptoms. Try to remember where you were and if there were any chemicals or other environmental things which may have triggered this. Did it happen after a night of lousy sleep? Did it follow a stressful event? Keep a journal and see if you can find any connections.

    Klonopin has really helped me to smooth out neurologically. It doesn't work for everyone, though.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have also had those electrical feelings but mine only occur during a flare-up and are mainly in my legs. It's a hard feeling to describe because I had the joint pain, muscles pain, etc, but all thorugh-out the day I would feel like I was getting a light electrical shock. I know this sounds weird, but I had just got braces on (I know, 32 is a little old for braces) but some of the metal brackets were touching my silver fillings. Someone told me it could be a galvanizing (sp??) effect. I had the silver fillings removed (for other reasons as well) and it went away. If and when I have another flare-up, I'm curious to know if it will still occur, although I know many people with FM who do not have braces or silver fillings and have described that same electrical jolt. I'm curious to see if others on here have it as well.
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    Thanks for your replies. I looked up Electrical Sensitivity on the web. I don't think I have that. What I'm talking about is just once in a while feeling a "jolt" in my chest area. It comes at different times and in different places. The last time it happened I was in the street walking to work - the same street I walk every day. Maybe it's my imagination - I'm afraid to say anything to my doctor. Oh well.......

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    I don't believe it - another of my experiences that I can chalk up to FM! This message board is amazing.

    I've been having these feelings for years, not often but I sure do notice them. They are usually in my neck, but not always. Another similar sensation - tough to describe - is a "click", sort of electrical in nature, that happens inside my head.

    And if you are afraid to mention anything to your doctor, you a new doctor!

  8. JimB

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    I had a liver-brain virus that left me with brain dysfunctions. I take an mao inhibitor(an anti- depressant that works on neurotransmitters). BEFORE
    ststing that Rx I had electrical feelings at the top of my head and in some fingers. When I take my Rx late I sometimes get them for a little while. If I didn't get enough sleep I sometimes get them- Also when I get stand up too fast or climb stairs when I'm already a little faint from poor sleep. It has to do with the brain nuero transmitters. Now, with CFS and FM my sleep is poorer so more electrical feeling incidents. After 25 years, I'm not even concerned about it. The faintness, lightheadedness is accompanied by my
    sometimes low blood pressure. Dr. said to get up slowly, and take alot of salt.
    This is MY experience.Maybe there's some part of it that might be helpful. But TRY NOT TO WORRY.
    It's another one of those neurologically wierd CFS -F/M symptoms. Definiitely tell your Dr.
    For me, I think of it as that same old pesty dog that comes and goes.
    Irritating barking, but has no teeth. JimB

  9. ephemera

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    Yes, I get them also. The surges are sudden bursts of pain & are like I've touched a frayed live wire. The surges are sometimes like a knife being pushed through me from front to back. Other times the surging pain moves from arms & chest to feet or in a reverse manner.

    The worst have been shooting up from the anus.

    All of these take my breath away & frequently cause me to cry out in pain.

    I keep a journal & nothing seems to trigger them. I've had the surges while walking, sitting, doing water therapy in the pool, & most often when laying down in bed.


    Best thoughts.
  10. lazygrant

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    does it feel like all of a sudden without warning your blood running through your body is boiling? Thats what mine feels like and its scary! Only lasts for a few seconds but you never no when its coming on. For me, its throughout my whole body, worse in the upper torso.
  11. Achy-shaky

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    What a coincidence...I just had one of these last night while standing at kitchen counter not doing anything physically straining. It felt like a sharp knife like sensation shooting from my tailbone up to my head...it took my breath away and I had to sit down for a few minutes. I thought I was OK but then about an hour later I got very weak and tired, went to bed early but woke few hours later with an overwhelming weakness...had to ask hubby to get me some water. I thought maybe I was dehydrated which happens after a day more stressful than usual - I had to go to workers comp deposition that morning which was very stressful.

    I've had these before and my ortho says they are severe muscle spasms and may be brought on by a certain way you move setting off a chain reaction...I guess that could be true but they feel more than that. I don't get them in the chest area and can understand they would freak you out.

    I know I get weird symptoms when I don't get enough water so not sure if that's the trigger but I'm going to keep track of these but really hope I don't get any more...ooooouch...I hate them!

    Hope that helps...hope you find a clue of what causes them. Let us know what you find out.

  12. pearls

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    This was the strangest thing I read in either of Dr. Devin Starlanyl's books! In "The Fibromyalgia Advocate," there is a small section on electromagnetic sensitivity. There is a network for people with such experiences, by the way, with a newsletter. Write to Lucinda Grant at the Electromagnetic Sensitivity Network
    P.O. Box 4146,
    Prescott, AZ 86302.

    There were stories of people getting shocked easily, small appliances that seem to react differently for an FMS patient than for others (!), things beeping as we walk by, computers crashing repeatedly for some of us, things going on when we walk by (especially when we're in flare), watches not working for us. Dr. Starlanyl herself spoke of having to get her watch demagnetized periodically when she first got it (she has FMS, too)! She has had quite a personal history of "wreaking havoc on electronic equipment!"

    Apparently electromagnetism has a lot to do with Cranio-Sacral Release and "chi" -related physical therapy methods.

    Now I KNOW you'll all think I've gone wacky!

  13. Serino

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    I'm new and am marvling at the symptoms we all have in common. I have tried to describe the tingling in my neck and shoulder areas and people shake their heads like they understand. I dont blame them. The loud click in my head scare me. It feels like a flash of lightening went off. I just went off Premerin after reading that hormons attribute to the FM. Who knows. Ill try anything. Now Im putting up with the Hot Flashes and my Dr. tells me that that also could be from the FM and not necessarily menopause, since I have been finished with that for years and years. Has anyone else that is NOT on hormons have the Hot Flashes. Sometimes just an answer from someone with the same problems help. Ive been diagnosed for 8 years. It took many doctors 5 years to come up with the FM. Thanks for any help I can get. Hope to be a frequent visitor and contributor.
  14. lazygrant

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    someone suggested to me recently it was hot flashes. its not hot flashes. its exactly how you said, a burst of electricity running through my chest and arms and last a few seconds, buy scary. i don't know what it is. but me and you are not the only ones.

  15. kellygirl

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    When I use their carts, I keep getting shocked. My husband thinks I'm weird. Because it sounds weird and I don't know why it happens, I just keep pushing and try to avoid the next shock................
  16. mamashome

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    In fact i have been having them again this week. Yes they feel like i have touched a electrical fence. I think i posted on it earlier this week, i dont know forsure since i feel braindead this week i am in a terrible state. I have these on and off. I woke up the other night and felt like my brain had been zapped, then my heart, then the current lead out through my arms out of the hands, down threw the legs and out the feet. Another strange thing i have. Have also experienced it going up my lower spine then out threw the shoulders. I swear this has something to do with the hurricanes going on, i did the same thing last year in oct. when the hurricanes where going on then. Its something in the atmosphere i swear, but who knows. mama
  17. Bonnette

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    In March of this year, I had several episodes of sudden jolting pain in both of my temples. The pain felt like an electrical shock to the sides of my head. The pain was severe for about five minutes. I actually thought I had an aneurysm. I called my daughter and by the time she got to my house the pain had eased. Within a few hours it was better. This happened about three more times in the same week. My doctor sent me to have a MRI which turned out ok.
    He said it was possible I have a trigger point in my neck that caused the shooting pain and that I might have to have trigger point injections in my neck. This has only happened for three more occasions since March. I pray it doesn't happen again. Trigger point injections are the last thing I want.