Electro Magnatic Therapy...any comments?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jmq, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Some one told my dh husband about this machine that can help with fibro, migraines...sleep. You can sleep with it on? It costs about 500 bucks...and not even sure if my insurance co will cover it.

    So was wondering if any one out there has heard of it ...or used it....

    Would love to hear something about it.

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    you may want to put it into search box up above, it's been discussed - and also google it. Some found it of help, others (like my son and me) didn't. As usual, there's few to 0 things that help everyone.

    If your insurance will pay, it is definitely worth a try as it does help some. Even better is if a doc will let you try it on a loan basis.

    all the best,

  3. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Jmq,

    I'm not sure if microcurrent therapy is the same as what you're referring to. I myself started a microcurrent therapy recently using a device called Alpha Stim 100. A fairly lengthy post on my own experience can be accessed at the following link:

    <a href="http://www.immunesupport.com/chat/forums/message.cfm?id=1308845&B=FM#1308857">Moreinfoplease - Alpha Stim 100 Perspectives</a>

    I'm curious, did you ever end up doing the Atlas Profilax?

    Regards, Wayne
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  4. jmq

    jmq New Member

    Hi Wayne...nope...no I did not get to try the Atlas therapy...still a $$ issue. I am still waiting for SSDI and having GREAT financial difficulties...it will have to wait. How are you doing? Do you still get the adjustments?

    I was told that magnetic thing this is a bit different from the Tens Machine...something that you put on your head?? Still not sure since when I search for it all different things come up...or it could just be my fog.

    I heard it is something new? I never get too excited because if anything worked out there...it would be ALL over this site!

    Well,...I will keep this thread up for awhile longer to see if anyone else knows about this.


  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    you use clips on your ears...

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