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  1. jdala

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    Has anyone tried the electric theraphy like is used in chiropractor's office at home?
    Can someone tell me where to purchase a machine?
    What kind would you recommend?
    I mainly need it for my neck and shoulders.
  2. jdala

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  3. Mar19

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    Do you mean a TENS unit? It delivers stimulation via electrodes you place on your body. I got mine with no out of pocket expense thru a referral from my primary care doctor, and then the insurance company told me where I could get it. But each insurance company has it's own procedures. I understand they can be quite expensive, so I'm thankful mine was covered by insurance. It does help when the pain gets really bad. Why don't you ask your doc for a referral.
    Love and blessings
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    They are a bit different than the chiropractor has but you need something that is smaller and compact. Mine was also covered by insurance. A doctor recommended the TENS unit for me. You also need someone to show you how to use it. It can really cause problems if not used correctly.

    Physical therapists often show a patient how to use them when one is going through PT. Anyway, you will need a doctor to contact your insurance company to get one and not have to pay a pretty penny for it.

    Also, they are great for specific area of pain but not the overall pain the FMS can cause. But I do love mine immensely. I feel blessed to have it.

    Take care,

    Lynda B.
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    i believe a chiro uses an electronic muscle stimulator and pt uses tens.
    You may want to go to empi with a dot com.
    good luck