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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LongStruggle, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. LongStruggle

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    Has anybody had an electrophysiology study? If so, what is this procedure like? What can they find out from this test? Does it provide a lot of answers to treat severe pounding palpitations?
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    I've never even heard of this. What does it test for?
  3. LongStruggle

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    An electrical physiologist is a cardiologist who specializes in electrical physiology. This has nothing to do with heart blockages, but how the heart is actually functioning. I saw this kind of specialist several years ago. He talked about doing an electrophysiology study, but since my symptoms soon got under control by a betablocker, we opted to not do that study at that time. Now my cardiologist is sending me once again to an electrophysiologist. I'm wondering what to expect if I do allow him to do an electrophysiology study. From what I remember it sounded like a very invasive procedure with high risk, but I'm not sure that this is accurate. Since many CFS folks have dysautomias I'm wondering if others have seen this kind of specialist and if they have received significant help with their cardiac symptoms.
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    What you described sounds just like a catherization. Is the initial part of the procedure identical? I'm not thrilled about this invasive procedure for my symptoms. I don't appear to have an irregularity in beat nor is it fast; my heart beat is just severe pounding. Do you know if the ablation is the usual end result? Thanks for your input. I'm sorry for your 8 catherizations. Hope your doing better now.

    I'm hoping to find others who have actually had this study done because I'm really wanting to know what the outcome is. If one doesn't need an ablation, how are they treating it? Are they just trying various beta blockers or are there other things they can do.
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    Thank you for all of your input. No, I don't have panic attacks. My pounding palpitations are constant, with no irregularity and they are not fast. My heartbeat is averaging 46. My palpitations occur as a result of reacting to other meds I have to take i.e. for allergies and thyroid. I have been on nadolol for several years and it had controlled my palpitations until mid-September when my thyroid med needed to be raised. The only relief I get is thru beta blockers. Currently, I'm experimenting with combos of toprol XL and nadolol, or high dosages of toprol solo. To date no natural supplement has helped. I've tried CoQ10, acetyl L-carnitine, magnesium, thiamine, etc. I'm miserable.

    It feels scarry to have to go thu that EP study, but your data about it has helped to make it less scarry. Thanks.
  6. LongStruggle

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    Thanks for your concern. My cardiologist has approved of what I'm doing. He is aware of how attuned to my body that I am. Actually 46 is not low for me. For several years my average was 38. The problem is that my pulse prior to any beta blockers was only 52 and I had normal blood pressure. One good thing is that the increase in thyroid med appears to be raising my pulse. I'm not sure if it is doing anything to my blood pressure.

    I'm also concerned about my blood pressure dropping too low. I don't have means of taking it at home, but I've been very cautious re: potential weakness due to low blood pressure. I make sure I do not take all the meds at once. I wait for sufficient time periods between intake. Which means that often I'm suffering for long periods in between. Obviously, neither the toprol or nadolol is working which is why I'm trying to find other options. From replys from other folks I'm hearing good and bad results about ablation for my problem. I'll have to see what the electrophysiologist says. I've learned there is a diagnostic tool called Impedance Cardiography which may be more appropriate. I'm not sure, however, what the treatment would be.

    Thanks again for your concern.
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  7. GBHope

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    One with medication to speed up the heart to see if the bp drops and one w/o. I suffer from POTS.

  8. LongStruggle

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    What did the doctor do for you after having the tilt table test? Did you get relief from your symptoms?
  9. LongStruggle

    LongStruggle Guest

    Would like to know what others' experiences have been.
  10. millennia

    millennia New Member

    I just had an Electrophysiology study. Just wondering if anyone else has been through this?

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