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    I have been reading about a place in the Atlanta,GA metro area called Fibromyalgia and Pain. The doctor does 12 treatments of electrostiumlation and supposedly the pain and fatigue disappear. Sounds too good to be true, huh? Has anyone tried this treatment? This is actually the second place in Atlanta that I have read about so am considering trying it for my daughter. Any experience anyone?
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    no experience with that...but thought you could use a bump!

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    I have not tried what is available as treatments in a dr's office, but I do use a TENS unit when the pain in unbearable and that helps me a lot.
    I think it is based on the same electrical stimulation. HTH

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    You might try a search on this as I remember someone posting on this topic several months back.
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    Try searching with those terms on this board. I know Wolverine and some other members have tried it.
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