Eleuthero Root for Energy

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    Back about 3 yrs ago my integrative MD gave me a little supply of Eleuthero caps and said it does NOT raise BP....but I didn't take her little supply as I was worried about the BP issue, mine is under control with med.

    I've always been a higher energy person BUT that all changed in 1999 with Fibro Hit....and then worse since hip replacement and OA issues....and add aging....

    Now, I'm reading on this Eleuthero Root for energy as mine has waned a lot over the years.... Now, I'm thinking of buying some and reading all I can about it and claims say it does NOT raise BP and those with lower BP is evened out. Here is just one site and it mentions Fibro and OA stress and loss of energy.
    As always do your research:

    Eleuthero is used to increase energy and vitality and to treat respiratory and other infections. In traditional Chinese medicine, eleuthero is considered good for ...
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    Does this sound like what Fibro does?

    Eleuthero may relax overactive muscles and promote mental focus as well, helping the body to better cope with the impact of stress.
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    Looking in PH archieves, I found quite a few GOOD comments on those taking Eleuthero..... Sunflowergirl had one not so great and I'm trying to hear from her about her thoughts again.
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    I didn't take it again. I've been taking 100 mg COQ10 for about 2 months and have noticed more energy. I take one in morning and one around 6 PM. It's recommended for CFS.
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    Sun, I've been taking 200mg COQ@10 for years...and usually take 200mg most days, sometimes every other day....

    I just talked to the makers of Adrenal Optimizer and will buy it as was told it will not elevate BP, as it contains Eleuthero..so working to figure it out to restore the adrenals from the Fibro shock in 1999....and enough years before and after to the adrenals.

    There are so many products out there and I've tried many but not the Eleuthero.....I seem to have some nice energy, since NO carbs for breakfast....but so much of my lack of energy is also from the joint mess....advancing OA....