elevated atypical lymphocytes?

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    I recently got copies of all my bloodwork within the past year. Well, back in march I had a very bad virus. I had a sore throat and fever of between 101 and 103 for 5 straight days. After that virus, my CFIDS flared up majorly. During that virus, the doctor had run some tests including a CBC, blood cultures and a urinalysis. I was looking over the results of the bloodwork the other day. They had told me, when I called for the results back in march, that all of the tests were normal. However, I noticed they were not. My atypical lymphocytes were elevated. Negative is 0, mine were 3%. It's not major, but something must have been going on. Then the urinalysis came back positive. It showed trace ketones, protein, and occult blood, and was positive for white blood cells.

    I'm just curious because I never did find out what I had during that time. Does anyone know what the significance of atypical lymphocytes is? I really think this virus contributed to my relapse, because I was doing fairly well before getting sick. It was the worst that I had been sick since getting mono, which is how my whole CFIDS nightmare began in the first place.

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    Hi Kim,

    I can't give you any answers as I'm not familiar with this but will give you a "bump".

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    Lymphocytes (T and B cells) are resposible for defense against infection, especially viral. Under a microscope, lymphocytes are usually round and relatively small (twice the size of a red blood cell). When they "react", the lymphocytes take on a "fried-egg" appearance - they stretch out out around neighboring cells. Some lymphs become darker in color and have distinctive clear spot in the cytoplasm. These are B cells, and they are geared up to pump out antibodies. If you had a recent viral infection it can take months before all atypical lymphs are gone. As a clinical laboratory scientist, 3% atypical lymphs sounds normal for the illness/inflammation you describe.

    As for the urine results...nearly half of our patients have ketones in their urine. Exercise, high protein diets, low carb diets, diabetes, stress can trigger ketones. Trace ketones are not unusual. Trace protein can occur in inflammatory illnesses, and the red and white cells can be skin contamination, mild inflammatory response, contact dermatitis. I see trace blood on half our urines here. If you are concerned and think there may be a problem, please don't hesitate to be checked again, but none of these results alone indicate anything worrisome.

    I hope this wasn't too technical and it helps put your mind at ease. Peace be with you ans best wishes on your road to recovery!
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    Just wanted to thank you for your reply and helping me to put my mind at ease. I figured it was probably all related to the virus, but I had never heard of atypical lymphocytes before, and I was just curious what exactly they were.

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