elevated liver enyzmes what to do???

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  1. campbeck97

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    Hi all I need some advice here about my elevated liver enyzmes they are 4 times higher than the high normal values. I have had just mildly elevated enyzmes in the past and then a few months later would be back to normal. anyone have this and what do you do for it. I am scared to death to have a liver biopsy done . I would appreciate all prayers first and any suggestion please. god Bless each of you!
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    I'm sorry your having liver troubles, i know it can be scary. my Brother in law is a cancer survivor, and has had a bone marrow transplant.so he's on a lot of meds.

    a few months ago he started swelling and had high liver enzymes, they thought he had some liver damage, and did a boipsy.

    the boipsy wasent bad at all he said, and thank god NO DAMAGE! it was a med he was on.

    so maybe take a look at what your meds are and if your doing anything new, it dosent take much for some things to effect our livers. our bodies are just stressed as it is.

    hope that makes you feel a little better, and im saying my Prayers right now for you :)
    Take care & try not to worry
  3. mbofov

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    First, I would do what Kat suggests - check your meds. Many meds that people on this board take can adversely affect your liver. And I wouldn't just rely on what your doctor may say. Read the fine print for yourself. My mother had bad reactions to 3 different drugs, and the doctors were clueless. I had to read the very fine print in the drug sheet that came with each med, and then I told the doctors about it, who then stopped the meds.

    I've just been reading a lot about Sam-e. It is supposed to be very good for liver health. Here's a link to one article: http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag97/june-report972.html

    I've just started taking it as part of the methylation protocol, and find I tolerate it better when I take it with food, even though it's recommended to take on an empty stomach.

    Other good things for your liver are lemon juice (add to your water), milk thistle, dandelion tea.

    Ask your doctor what he or she thinks, but educate yourself too - and I'll say a prayer for your too -

    Take care -

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    In the early 70's I lacerated my liver in an accident; then began having inflammatory problems (this was before they were dx CFS). They actually removed my gallbladder as they weren't educated about inflammatory problems (did not need to). Then my liver enzymes began spiking. Yes, that was scary at first, but I turned to alternative medicine to help.

    They still would go up & down, as it became inflamed. Then after dx wCFS, had to go on a couple of RX's for that (Klonopin/Dalmane); both affect the liver, as do "most" drugs.
    The liver biopsy was negative.

    For peace of mind, you could have that done, but meanwhile the suggestions of lemon water, dandelion rt tea & milk thistle tea is a good start. If you go to the health food store there's always one person who is great at recommending certain things to support & cleanse your liver as well.

    But if it's like mine, they continue to go Up & Down. Even the chemicals in our foods can cause liver problems. We live in a chemical world.

    Finding a good integrative Dr. would also be a good option. They can work with both alternative & traditional medicines.

    Healing Light************
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    My numbers were way up, too. I started treatment with Dr. Farr that Catseyes has mentioned and they are going down. The cause of mine were high triglycerides, malabsorption and intestinal inflammation- just having the gut messed up can cause your numbers to go up.

    Lots of resons for them to be up.


  6. malgal

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    like everyone says, could be many things, including natural, herbal, otc remedies.
    i was on a natural detox/cleanse a few years ago and had sky high enzymes, too. i think the liver support/cleanse supplement i was on (w/ milk thistle) actually caused blood enzyme results to spike but i'll never know.
    so, watch out for 'natural' things also, not just the rx. medications.

    don't jump to thinking you will need a liver biopsy just yet.
    have they tested your anti and smooth musckle antibodies? those can give a better picture of liver health and possible causes for elevated enzymes.
    make sure your dr. does follow up and further testing.

    hope it turns osut to be nothing serious!
    take care.
  7. mlbbarry

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    Hello i have had two liver biopsies, they really are not that bad. I would encourage you to go forth and have this done. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune liver disease after my second biopsy. I was on Prednisone for 6 months, enzymes went down, then after weening from the Prednisone, they went back up again.

    It really was pretty easy, they can sedate you slightly and it only takes about 10 minutes. Good luck. Monica
  8. minkanyrose

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    i take milk thistle for this i had a liver biopsy not to bad but it came back thet i had just a fatty liver so check out on the web help for a fatty liver to help your liver health.

    deffinatly ask your doc what you can do diet wise or med wise and don't put it off you may have nothing serious but i worried my self sick. i learned to ask my doc rather than worry.

    hope everyting comes out well for you