elevated liver enzymes

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    Well I have my blood work done every month for the last 4 years. They have tested my liver every month also. My dr just called and told me that my liver enzymes are elevated. He was a littler perplexed because we haven't done anything different with meds.

    I researched the archives to see if there was anything remotely the same but nothing that matched my scenario

    The scary thing is that I have been telling them that for the longest time there is something more to my illness. That I can't possible be this sick with fibro.

    Anyway I found this disease called PBC/Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. What is so eery is that everything I read about is me.

    Just wanted to see if anyone had any insight.
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    I have mine checked about every 3 monthssometmes they are up and sometimes they are normal.I do take a lot narcotic meds My dr. was concerned and did a sonogram and it came back as a fatty liver.or fat infiltrtion of my liver. H wanted to do a liver biopsy but I decline!He said it may be partly that i'm overweight and also has high chloesterol and to work on those things. He also stated that later on it could turn into a type of cirrhosis.he kinda ended there but keeps checking them periodacally. This has been going for years with me.hope your is something simple and they will be back to normal soon. Blessing