Elevated titers?????

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    Hi i am just curious in Nov 2002 i was dx with cf i am getting progressivly worse so in April my doc did a connective tissue diseas panel and told me that my titers (what ever that is) are 1-40 she said it has something to do with lupus but i have no other signs and i do have the classic fm ones so she diagnosed me with fm. i was just wondering if any one else on here had the same kind of tests and if they have any info to share with me i just joind this site and i am doing some research but i am very confused with all of this. thanks and stay strong my prayers are with us all kris
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    It sounds like your physician was "ruling out" Lupus. A titer below 1:40 is within normal. This is good news for you at this point.

    A single test cannot determine whether a person has lupus. There are several tests performed in conjunction with a complete physical exam that help a doctor make a diagnosis. Some of these tests are:

    Antinuclear antibody (ANA) - Proteins in blood that react against the cell nucleus; present in almost all of those with SLE.

    1. Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) below 7.5
    2. Antinuclear Antibodies Titer below 1:40

    [Titer: measurement of the amount or concentration of a substance in a solution.]

    Anti-DNA - Antibodies to DNA; present in approximately half of SLE patients.

    Anti-RNP - Antibody to ribnucleoprotein; present in SLE and other disorders.

    Anti-Sm - Anti-Smith antibody; unique to lupus.

    Anti-SSA - The Ro antibody; present in various disorders.

    Anti-SSB - The La antibody; usually seen with anti-SSA.

    Biopsy of the kidney or skin tissue.

    Complement levels - Tests for a group of proteins that cause inflammation.

    Complete blood count (CBC) - Measurement of the amount of red cells, white cells and platelets.

    Sedimentation rate - Test monitoring the precipitation of red cells in blood.

    Syphilis test (VDRL) - Often administered because lupus patients may falsely test positive for this disease.

    Urinalysis is abnormal with protein, casts, and red blood cells present in the urine.

    Hopefully, this helps you.

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    I don't have a clue, but would like to know so I am giving you a bump.
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    I had several of the criteria to meet a diagonisis of Lupus including an abnormal anti-nucular test. It has been a long time ago now, so I can't remember all the details, but they said that I had a "spotted pattern" in the nucelus of my cells---whatever that means. I also had several miscarrages, and other symptoms of Lupus, but they finally ruled it out because I had never had the charteristic rash of Lupus. Polli
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    just wanted to say thank you for the info im going to use it and take it with me to the doc unfortunatly i wont be back to her for 6 weeks she wants me to do therapy first then back for more blood work