Elimination Diet Anyone want to help me out??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by morningsonshine, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I'm just back from my first appointment with Dr. Vrchota, will post about that later.

    But she want me to do the elimination diet, and i could use someone who has done it to help me out a little.

    There was so much at one time i'm trying to sort it all out. New supplements, test, diets, etc...

    Did anyone come up with a doable meal plan of the allowed food for the first week?? I have to go shopping tomorrow so need to figure out what i need.

    And when i add food back in, not sure if it's rotating one at a time, or once i add a food then it's okay to keep using it??

    Any input or guidance would be helpfull.

  2. Nanie46

    Nanie46 Moderator

    I just finished the 6 week elimination phase of the diet and now I'm doing the challenge phase. The first 2 weeks are the hardest until you figure out some new foods and ideas. My best advice is to be open minded, go to the store and look around for new fruits, veggies, fish, raw nuts of different kinds that you can roast in the oven for a few minutes, etc. it really depends on what all foods that you have to eliminate as to what you can and can't eat. You may eat an allowed food as many times in one day as you want, but then don't repeat it for four days. That includes oils, sweeteners, etc. After you finish the elimination phase (at least 6 weeks)you will start the challenge phase to see what each of your allergic foods does to you. Once per week you eat one of the sensitive foods for 2 days. Eat it for 2 meals the first day and one meal the 2nd day. Eat that food in it's purest form. Then go 4 days without eating any sensitive foods to let your body recover. Note any symptoms from the allergic food that you ate ie: increased pain, fatigue, migraine, bowel problems etc) DO NOT eat an allergic food if you already know that it causes a life threatening situation for you ie: hives, trouble breathing etc. So, you test each food one at a time and TAKE IT BACK OUT OF YOUR DIET until you are done with all the challenge foods. Then at the end you will know alot better which foods you can eat and which ones you need to continue avoiding. Which food must you avoid??? It is do-able! I had to avoid 22 things, including sugar cane, milk, wheat, corn, rye, pineapple, carrots, cinnamon, beef etc..... You'll go through some times of frustration, as I did, but don't give up! You can eat as much as you want, you just have to buy alot of variety of good, nutritious foods.

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